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  • 1. The compressed bales have high density, no loss of tons when loaded, the bales are neat and uniform, beautiful and easy to stack;
    2. Semi-automatic production, only one person is required to pack, saving labor costs and high efficiency;
    3. Reasonable structure, twenty years of experience, the frame will never be deformed, the materials used are strictly controlled, and the quality inspection is level by level to ensure that each link is qualified;
    4. The main cylinder is specially made, with a long service life, unique domestic technology, designed and manufactured according to engineering cylinder standards;
    5. Advanced hydraulic control valve: The hydraulic control valve adopts a cartridge integrated valve, which reduces the failure rate to a small amount and solves the disadvantage of the old-style directional valve that the large assembly must be replaced. The cost of repairing and replacing parts is low, and the service life is prolonged. In order to meet the use in areas with higher temperatures, we have also adopted the technology of installing a cooler.

    The baling machines produced by Nick Machinery have the characteristics of many varieties, complete specifications and strong compatibility. And can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements. welcome to inquiry ....https://www.nkbaler.net/

  • How to do the maintenance work of the hydraulic baler in winter is also a problem worth noting. Let's analyze and understand together with Nick Machinery.
    First of all, select the appropriate hydraulic oil according to the regional climate difference. Compared with the southern or northern China area, the machine can choose 46# hydraulic oil whether it is winter or summer. Compared with the area with too low temperature, it must be produced in winter. It is necessary to select suitable oil products to avoid solidification of hydraulic oil and affect normal production.
    Secondly, do a good job of replacing parts, mainly including oil cylinder seals, woolen sleeves between the motor and the gear pump, etc., to better ensure the function of the machine.

    Then, the equipment should be preheated before each production, and the production should be carried out after everything is normal. After the processing is completed every day, the baling machine should be briefly protected, such as screw tightening, hydraulic oil compensation, and so on.

    Nick Machinery reminds you that as long as you do a good job of daily maintenance of the hydraulic baler, you can achieve the best results and create the best value.https://www.nkbaler.net/
  • The waste paper baler industry in my country started relatively late, and most of the mechanical production skills were imitated foreign skills. This resulted in the packaging machinery in my country’s packaging market. Although the product categories are dazzling, the skills are single, and most of them have the same center and different appearance. Imitations.
    Nowadays, the product market in our country is now properly prosperous. What companies demand is not only simple machinery that can be packaged, but also new hydraulic packaging machinery with complete functions and outstanding packaging effects.
    Before the waste paper baler was presented, the product packaging process of various industries was manually operated. However, manual operation is not only very low in power, but also difficult to guarantee quality problems.
    With the development of society and the continuous advancement of the age, people's living standards have been greatly improved. Manual production can no longer satisfy the development needs of shopping malls. With the advent of the mechanical age, the appearance of waste paper balers is The development of the recycling industry provided great assistance.

    The presentation of each product has its own value in the market. In order to better satisfy the demand, each device is carrying out innovative operations. Of course, the waste paper baler is not an exception. See the equipment produced by foreign companies. All have demonstrated the advantages of diversified functions, standardized organizational planning, intelligent control, and high-precision structure. Domestic companies should also have these advantages. Therefore, domestic shopping malls also have high-quality equipment such as waste paper balers. Driven the continuous development of the hydraulic machinery market.

    NICKBALER disciplines itself with its unique business philosophy, excellence in construction, and role-changing services, and strives to create more high-quality hydraulic baler equipment. www.nickbaler.net
  • The composition of the pig iron chip press is more complicated. If subdivided, it can be divided into two parts: electrical installations and hydraulic installations
    1. Electrical installations are better understood, such as wires, main gates, electrical button switches, and motors. Except for the motor, the probability of other parts being broken is very low, if there is a problem, either the electrical part is broken, or there is a problem with the contact point of the electrical part. These problems are also simple, the replacement is over, and ordinary electricians can solve them.
    The possibility of motor failure is not high, either overloaded operation is usually said to be burned, or the motor is not concentrically connected to the hydraulic pump, resulting in damage to the motor. Either of these two can only be replaced and reassembled by contacting the manufacturer.
    2. Because 80% of the failures of the pig iron chip press are caused by hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil enters water, hydraulic oil becomes viscous, hydraulic oil enters iron filings and other impurities, and too little hydraulic oil causes the hydraulic pump to suck in air. These are all common problems. Therefore, experienced masters look at the hydraulic oil before repairing the hydraulic press.
    Replacing the hydraulic oil can solve 80% of the problems of the pig iron filing machine. Of the remaining 20%, 15% is the failure of the solenoid valve, and the remaining 50% is the other. The solenoid valve of the hydraulic device is the most important, and it is also the most prone to problems and the most difficult to control.

    Whatever the reason, it is not something that can be controlled by human beings. It can only be observed on a daily basis. After finding out that there is a problem with the hydraulic press and excluding other parts and factors, confirm which valve is broken by replacing the backup solenoid valve one by one.

    NICKBALER has a mature after-sales service system, 7 * 24 hours professional hotline service 86-29-86031588, quickly help you solve any incurable diseases, is your best choice!

  • Straw baler, as an important equipment for baling press in life, has a very promising prospect, because many commodities need to be balled. Only after baling press can the product be reduced in volume, so the transportation will become very convenient, and we will have a better experience in production; this is the case with the straw baler, which provides great convenience for our lives, but it is very convenient. 
    It can be seen from the development of straw balers that it is precisely in this way that straw balers have stood their ground in the market, always thinking about consumers, and allowing consumers to see a different side of balers. Be at the forefront of the times. The rapid transformation of the baler, the rapid adaptation to the new needs of the market, the rapid adjustment of the development strategy, and the realization of high-quality and high-efficiency production.

    Straw balers can be described as the leader in the domestic baler industry and play an important role in the market. In the assembly line, the goods are baling pressed, then packed into boxes, and then sealed by the box sealing machine, and then sent out to the production line. Such a compact and coherent process can not only better cooperate with the assembly line, but also ensure the qualification of product baling press.

    Our company is committed to the production of straw balers, with a complete range, with reasonable design, beautiful model, convenient operation, accurate precision, etc. https://www.nickbaler.net
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