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  • Put the steel scrap to be packed into the bin, operate the reversing valve handle, close the door cover and lock the door cover by the lock to prevent it from floating, and perform primary pre-compression at the same time, and then the side pressure cylinder moves forward to perform secondary compression; When it is in place, the main pressure cylinder moves forward for final compression. After the main pressure cylinder reaches the system pressure, the pressure is maintained for 3-5s. The main and side pressure cylinders return, pull out the lock and open the door cover. On the return journey, a work cycle is completed at this time.
    The size of the bale is determined by the weight, material and geometric shape of the added scrap steel. Therefore, it is not allowed to pack too much for the thicker, that is, the denser scrap steel. The block is too long or too large to be turned out of the package block, and even causes the side pressure slider to fail to be in place, causing a series of failures such as the dislocation of the main pressure slider.

    Add scrap steel to the bin-operate the reversing valve handle-lock the door cover-at the same time, primary pre-compression-side pressure cylinder working, secondary compression-main pressure cylinder working for final compression-main pressure cylinder holding pressure 5s-side pressure cylinder return stroke-main pressure cylinder return stroke-open the door cover-turn the package cylinder work to turn out the package block and return.

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  • The metal briquetting machine has a great help in the treatment of scrap steel, which provides a great help in the treatment of scrap steel, so the following is an introduction to the treatment of scrap steel by the equipment.
    The main purpose is to process some scrap steel to make it more valuable than before. After being processed by the briquetting machine, you can find that its material shape is more neat, there are few attachments on the scrap steel, and its purity is higher than before. After the briquetting machine is processed, you can find that the scrap briquetting machine has a great effect on the treatment of scrap steel, and its working principle is relatively simple. The scrap briquetting machine is cleaned daily during use to ensure the use of its value and to increase its value.
    The briquetting machine is also known as the high-density compacting machine. It is a hydraulic high-density hydraulic high-density of small-size and granular materials such as metal crushing materials, metal crushing materials, metal powder, metal particles, scrap metal, aluminum scrap, steel scrap, iron scrap, copper scrap, etc. The post-forming equipment for the formed scrap metal and the finished briquette recovery furnace can directly reduce the burning loss, increase the ratio, reduce the investment ratio, and directly bring benefits to customers.

    In the pressing process, try to suppress metal scraps of the same material. If you need to replace the hydraulic briquetting machine of raw materials, you need to adjust the pressure; during the operation, the operator must carefully observe the metal briquetting machine equipment, if there is abnormality, oil leakage Otherwise, it should stop production for maintenance immediately.

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  • As a new type of straw coal fuel production equipment, what are the factors that affect the combustion performance of the finished product processed by the straw briquetting machine?
    First of all: the combustibility of the finished straw briquetting machine is limited by the material properties of the original raw material of the straw coal, and is related to the surface smoothness of the processed finished product. We can see all kinds of surfaces on the market, there are very smooth, good looking, the original opening, looks like a cracked hand, not good looking, different It looks good, but its combustion performance is indeed different. Looking at the straw coal with a very smooth surface, when it burns, due to its poor air permeability, the fuel value cannot be fully released, and the combustion is incomplete, which is also a loss of energy; while looking at the straw briquettes with cracks on the surface When the machine is burned, the cracks can play a role of ventilation, so that the air can completely contact the straw and coal, the oxygen supply is sufficient, the fuel can be completely burned, and all the capacity is released.

    Second: density. The higher the density of the finished product processed by the straw briquetting machine, the better the combustion performance of the straw coal and the longer the burning time. However, the higher the density, the better. The appropriate size is better.

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  • The straw baler is a kind of equipment with a low degree of automation among the balers. Many users have used it. Even this kind of machine can work without any parameter setting. In fact, the straw baler is in the process of use. There are still many small details that need to be adjusted in order to achieve better use.
    1. Adjust the length of the belt. The Baler machine will automatically send out a piece of Baler tape every time the work is completed, so that it can be very convenient for the next time Baler. However, many people do not know the setting of this parameter. It is very labor intensive and the work efficiency is relatively low. You can adjust the length of the belt by turning the knob on the panel of the Baler.
    2. Adjustment of tightening force. The straw baler generally does not have a tightening force adjustment knob on the panel, but what if the user has a greater demand for tightening force? You can achieve this by rotating the spindle of the baler, and the spindle of the spindle is continuously rotated. Rotate inward to compress the spring inside and adjust the tightening force.

    3. Adjustment of cooling time. Users who are familiar with the Baler machine know that the cooling time of the Baler machine is actually the time for the Baler tape to fully bond. Generally, if the quality of the Baler tape used by the user is better, the cooling time needs to be adjusted longer, so that it can be The straps are more fully bonded.

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  • Economic benefits of the application of automatic waste paper baler: Do a good job in the comprehensive utilization of straw, which has important economic and social significance.
    From an economic point of view, the use of straws in the form of mechanical return of straws, protective tillage, and return to the field can effectively improve soil, improve soil fertility, reduce production costs, and improve the quality of agricultural products, which is conducive to the development of green agriculture; through silage, Micro-storage and briquetting processes convert straw into high-quality feed, which is conducive to promoting the development of animal husbandry; the development of edible fungi to convert straw is conducive to increasing farmers' income; the conversion of straw through biogas and vaporization is conducive to promoting the construction of new energy in rural areas.

    From a social perspective, making full use of straw resources and inhibiting straw burning can effectively control pollution, optimize the environment, and ensure the orderly progress of social and economic life. From a political perspective, doing a good job in the comprehensive utilization of straw and banning burning is directly related to the fundamental interests of the broad masses of people and is a concrete manifestation of building a harmonious society. In particular, it can promote fresh air, smooth shipping and roads, and maintain social coordination and stable development.

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