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  • Natural fibers (such as plant fibers) are widely used in the textile industry as fillers or woven materials. The common feature of almost all natural fibers (such as coconut shell, palm fiber, wool, cotton, etc.) is that they are very fluffy. Therefore, it is very important for exporters of natural fibers to compress the fibers into tight bales to save space and transportation costs.
    Natural fibers have a greater rebound force when compressed. For materials with high resilience, a heavy-duty baler must be selected, so that the machine can withstand the resilience of the compressed material. The second is the pressure of the baler. Generally, the original density of natural fibers is low. A large-tonnage baler should be selected to ensure the ideal bale density. Generally, the tonnage is 80 tons and above. The last point is that the inner wall of the baler should be designed with a rebound hook to effectively prevent the material from rebounding, thereby improving the packaging efficiency.
    Regardless of whether it is a vertical baler or a horizontal baler, as long as the above conditions are met, this baler is suitable for beating natural fibers. But is it vertical or horizontal more in line with your requirements? It depends on the amount of packaging you need and local labor costs. If you need to pack more than one ton of materials per hour, then the fully automatic horizontal machine is the ideal choice. However, if the local labor cost is lower, you can also choose a more economical vertical baler, which has reached the target output by purchasing multiple units at the same time. Exporters of natural fibers generally choose balers with a tonnage of more than 100 tons to produce high-density bales to maximize loading.
    Although fiber importers hope that the density of the bale should not be too high so that they can easily unpack the loose fibers into the production process, the weight of the container is critical to the fiber exporters. The density of the bale directly determines the weight of the cabinet. The more compact the bale, the higher the density and the higher the weight of the cabinet. In this way, the transportation cost evenly spread to each bale can be reduced, making the price of the fiber more competitive. However, for fiber packaging, we do not recommend using a baler with a tonnage of more than 200 tons, because the density of the bale will be too tight, which will cause difficulties in unBaler and restoring the fiber to a fluffy state.

    Nick Machinery is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic machinery and packaging equipment. It provides a variety of styles of packaging machines. Welcome to purchase the packaging machines that suit your needs. www.nkbaler.net

  • The metal shavings Baler machine can directly cold press iron shavings, steel shavings, copper shavings, aluminum shavings, and mineral powder into cakes for storage, transportation and recycling in the furnace. After being compressed into blocks, the recovery loss is very low. The entire production process does not require heating, adding additives or other processes, and is directly cold-pressed to form. At the same time, the forming also ensures that the raw materials are unchanged. For example, cast iron is replaced by cast iron after it is formed. For castings of special materials, recycling is even more important.
    Metal balers are classified according to pressure: 60 tons, 100 tons, 135 tons, 160 tons, 200 tons, 250 tons, 400 tons, 600 tons, etc.
    The electrical part of the metal chip Baler machine adopts PLC control, which has strong anti-interference ability, high degree of automation and simple operation. The hydraulic station adopts the integral inherited valve block to prevent oil leakage, reduce the oil temperature of the system, and improve the stability of the system. The frame part adopts integral steel castings, which prevents the steel plate welded parts from cracking and improves the reliability, stability and service life of the equipment. Tandem cylinders are used to improve movement speed and production efficiency. According to the user's working conditions, there is an automatic feeding machine, which reduces the labor intensity of the workers.
    The metal chips of the metal chip Baler machine are cold pressed into a standard return material, the coke is cold pressed into a combustible cake, and other special materials are cold pressed into a shape. Material: iron flakes, aluminum flakes, steel flakes, alloy flakes, ductile iron flakes, iron concentrate powder, coke, nickel powder, ball milled iron flakes, sponge iron, magnesium powder, silicon powder, slag powder, metal bottle caps and other metal flakes . It is mainly used for cold pressing of powdered or granular copper scraps, aluminum scraps, cast iron scraps, ball milled iron scraps, sponge iron, steel scraps, iron ore powder, silicon powder, slag powder and other non-ferrous metal scraps into 2.5-10kg cylindrical cakes. Need any additives, bulky. Automatic scrap and machines are suitable for large-scale metal scrap companies, large-scale foundries, wind power component casting companies, and copper and aluminum product manufacturers to select customers.

    Nick brand metal Baler machine can be customized according to user needs. There are many models and quality is guaranteed. Welcome to buy. www.nkbaler.com

  • The fully automatic waste paper box baler includes a frame, electrical cabinet, feed port and main hydraulic system. A material channel is arranged horizontally and coaxially in the frame. The upper part of one end of the material channel is equipped with a feed port, and a frame on the side of the feed port A main hydraulic system for Baling is coaxially installed on the outer side, and the main hydraulic system includes a main pressing plate for laterally squeezing the material in the material channel.
    Advantages and effects of automatic waste paper box Baling machine:
    1. This baler can automatically feed and detect, and continuously discharge the package, or it can be done manually. It can be used for waste paper, cardboard boxes, newsprint, etc., waste plastics, PET bottles, plastic films, turnover boxes, etc., straw and other loose objects The packaging effect is good.
    2. The utility model has the advantages of fast packaging speed, time saving and power saving, low failure rate, high degree of automation, no need for manual care, labor saving, high reliability and long service life.
    The automatic waste paper box baler is provided with a counting device on the bag outlet cover, the outlet of the baler is an open structure, and a discharging pressing device is coaxially fixed on the frame on the outlet side of the baler. The utility model has the advantages of fast Baling speed, time saving and electricity saving, low failure rate, high automation degree, no need for manual care, labor saving, and high reliability.

    Nick Machinery's automatic waste paper box Baling machine automatically packs, unmanned operation, fast speed, simple structure, stable action, low failure rate and easy to clean.

  • Scrap metal briquetting machines are used in recycling and processing industries, metal smelting industries, and steel mills. It is a domestic manufacturer of large-scale scrap steel processing equipment. The equipment can press iron cans, scrap iron, scrap steel, color steel tiles, light and thin materials, pig iron, thin iron, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, iron barrels, car shells, car racks, metal scraps, aluminum alloys and other scrap metals at one time. . After the scrap metal is formed by briquetting, the density is higher, which saves transportation costs. At the same time, after the scrap is formed, it can be stacked on demand, which saves most of the warehouse space and bids farewell to the dirty and messy workshop. It can also save you most of the labor and transportation costs. The technical performance of the products is at the same industry level, and has won the trust, approval and favor of the majority of users.
    Product advantages of scrap metal briquetting machine:
    1. The metal material is convenient to transport after briquetting, which can reduce transportation costs and increase transportation efficiency.  
    2. After briquetting, the metal is convenient for crushing and secondary processing.  
    3. The briquette metal material is easier to store and transport than metal.  
    4. Supply from manufacturers: Eliminates the need for intermediaries to increase prices many times and carry them out. 
    5. Good quality: good material, every machine has been inspected many times to ensure product quality.  
    6. Diversified uses: The product has various uses, not limited to one field, and is used flexibly.

    The metal briquetting machine produced by Nick Machinery has always had its own uniqueness, because we believe that we can only make our products more refined and distinctive. Only by making users and friends more satisfied can we have a better market.

  • The waste paper box hydraulic baler is suitable for waste paper boxes, waste cardboard, waste paper packaging, recyclable garbage packaging, and waste plastic bags and other soft materials such as light foam and loose materials for compression and packaging. The package is compact and neat. Beautiful, reduced floor space, can greatly reduce transportation costs, waste material recycling stations and other tools for various light industrial enterprises.
    Working principle of waste paper box hydraulic baler:
    The waste paper box hydraulic baler is divided into two series of automatic and semi-automatic. It is controlled by PLC microcomputer. It is mainly used for compression forming of waste paper boxes, newspapers, pit paper and other waste materials in large-scale renewable resource recycling stations and paper mills. The rotation of the motor drives the oil pump to work, extracts the hydraulic oil in the oil tank, transports it through the hydraulic oil pipe, and transmits it to the hydraulic oil cylinders, driving the piston rod of the oil cylinder to move laterally to compress various cardboards in the scrap bin. The waste paper packaged with Zhenke waste paper baler has the advantages of uniform size, large specificity, high density, and reduced volume, which reduces the space occupied by waste paper, and reduces storage and transportation costs.

    Reminder: Since the waste paper box balers are all customizable, there are differences in materials, parameters, dimensions, and craftsmanship. The accurate quotation of the waste paper box balers is not marked on the website. If you want to obtain accurate information and quotations, please work with us Contact, thank you for your support!

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