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  • The waste paper box Bailer machine is a Bailer machinery and equipment used to compress waste paper items. It is used by various waste paper factories, old waste recycling companies and other units and enterprises to compress and pack industrial waste, plastic, film, pasture, straw, cotton, waste paper boxes and other recyclable fluffy waste products.
    Now balers continue to be popular in the market. As the demand for product supply on the market increases, the balers are ushering in the peak season. The functions of the waste carton balers are also constantly being improved, from semi-automatic balers to automatic balers. From machines to fully automatic balers, there are more and more types, more and more complete functions, and more and more applicable scopes, occupying a large proportion of the market. Carry out automatic control and work reliably. It is easy to operate and simple to maintain, which not only reduces floor space but also reduces packaging costs. Become an indispensable equipment for +recycling stations.
    Due to the rapid development of the express delivery industry, the waste paper box Bailer machine has become an indispensable packaging machine in the market and has a dominant position in the market.
    Pay attention to the disassembly of automatic baler
    1. When disassembling and assembling the hydraulic pump of the waste paper baler, keep it clean anytime and anywhere to prevent dirt and dust from falling into the pump.
    2. In the process of disassembly, assembly and cleaning, cotton yarn and rags are forbidden to scrub the parts, so as not to mix the fallen cotton yarn ends into the hydraulic system. Brushes and silk cloth should be used.
    3. It is not allowed to use cleaning and soaking rubber seals.
    4. The hydraulic pump of the semi-automatic waste paper baler is a precision part. During the disassembly and assembly process, all parts should be handled with care and no knocks. When the baler is working, the size of the bearing should be selected correctly and its position should be arranged reasonably, so that the line of action of the radial force on the cylinder body must fall within the length of the bearing roller under any circumstances.

    Here, Nick Machinery reminds you that you must strictly follow the operating instructions for disassembly, and do not ignore some small details, which will affect the function of the Baler.

  • Nick Machinery is a well-known and large-scale corn straw baler manufacturer. Its equipment not only has a lower price, but also has a decent quality. The reasons for the low price of the straw baler produced by Nick Machinery are mainly as follows: point:
    1. The nature of the manufacturer
    Nick Machinery belongs to the factory direct sales process. It has neither the participation of middlemen nor additional expenses in the process of selling machinery and equipment. Therefore, the cost of the manufacturer’s investment in the production of equipment is low, so it is for straw baling. The positioning of the machine price is low.
    2. Peer competition
    There are more straw baler manufacturers on the market, which makes the competition among manufacturers greater, and greater competition has led to a reduction in the price of straw baler on the market.
    3. Production cost
    Because the place where Nick Machinery is located has more convenient transportation, sufficient human resources, and sufficient raw materials, Nick Machinery manufacturers need to invest lower costs when manufacturing equipment, so the price of corn baler is relatively cheap.

    The equipment produced by Nick Machinery Factory is more cost-effective, which can create greater value for users' production. Moreover, Nick Machinery Factory can also provide users with comprehensive after-sales service and provide users with greater protection for their production; they can customize themselves for customers. The required machinery and equipment serve users to a greater extent. 

  • Looking around our lives are full of various commodities, and it is because of their existence that makes our lives more colorful. Advanced machinery and equipment help our society to develop better, just like our clothing packing machine, using its Powerful functions have helped the rapid development of waste recycling and other industries, and have played a significant role in the progress of mankind.
    Nowadays, the packaging industry is very competitive. In order to ensure its own market position and future development prospects, the clothing baler must be brave enough to accept the challenge and overcome the challenge through all efforts in the face of competition among many similar equipment and changes in market trends. A strong enemy, meeting the requirements of users, and ultimately becoming the most popular and ideal packaging production equipment on the market. Our clothing packing machine manufacturer has been engaged in the research and development of various packaging equipment for many years. During this period, we have accumulated rich research and development experience and strong technical strength. We have used it in the improvement and upgrade of the equipment to make the packaging equipment strong Great strides to improve.
    For the development of the garment packing machine, not only a large number of leading technologies have been incorporated, but also the market has been carefully investigated. After fully understanding the needs of users, a corresponding plan has been formulated. In the end, the garment packing machine can not only meet user requirements, but also Promote the improvement of the technical level of the domestic packaging industry, killing two birds with one stone. In today's development, the packaging industry will continue to develop this form of development, pushing the clothing packaging machine industry to a new level.
    In addition to providing a large number of excellent clothing Baling Machine equipment for the market, we have also established a relatively complete after-sales service system to solve the problem of user maintenance equipment. No matter how good the quality of the garment packing machine is, some failures will occur more or less after a certain period of use. Although this is unavoidable, we can provide the most thoughtful and fast service and solve the equipment failure in the first time , To minimize the loss of users. Our clothing baler endeavors to promote the rapid growth of the social economy based on the interests of users.

    Nick Machinery continues to accumulate production experience, continuous improvement, continuous innovation, and improve the professional performance of the clothing baler, so that the baler's output and performance are higher.

  • Equipment performance of :
    1. High production capacity and low power consumption: The output of briquette per hour is about 1.5T, and the power consumption is low. If there is no electric facility, it can be replaced by diesel engine.
    2. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, less pollution and low price.
    3. Strong material adaptability: It is suitable for the molding of various biomass raw materials. The straw can be processed and shaped from powder to 55mm in length and with a moisture content of 5-30%.
    4. The product has a wide range of applications, not only for straw Baler, but also for agricultural cellulose materials such as corn stalks, soybean stalks, cotton stalks, wheat stalks, sorghum stalks, wood chips, shavings, sawdust, ginkgo leaves, mulberry leaves . Not only can it be used as fuel, but it can also realize waste utilization, protect the environment, save energy, and make fodder and so on.

    5. After the straw Baler machine is used for packaging, its storage time is long, it is not easy to deteriorate, and it is easy to store, so that the resources of the straw producing area have a broader market, which is conducive to grassland protection. Pasture is an important disaster relief reserve material in the disaster area, and it is also an urgently needed fuel in the disaster area.

    The straw Baler machine produced by Nick Machinery adopts an unmanned operating system, horizontal continuous bale delivery, fast speed and easy to use, welcome new and old friends to come and buy. 86-29-86031588

  • The straw Baler machine is an important industrial equipment for reducing wood chips and scraps. The newly upgraded biomass fuel packing machine, also known as sawdust Baler machine, is a 24-hour energy-saving continuous manufacturing machine. The key components of the whole machine are all imported well-known brand parts.
    The key applications of the sawdust Baler machine are corn stalks, sawdust, bamboo strips, rice husks, cottonseed husks, peanut husks, fallen leaves, forest technology and its broken hay, wheat straw, cotton stalks and other leftover materials. After shrinking, the bales are loaded immediately The bag is convenient for storage and reduces logistics costs.
    Strong raw material adaptability: It can produce straw with a length of 60mm and a moisture content of 5-30%.
    Electric heater function: The fully automatic electric heater can adjust the dryness of the raw material, and solve the difficulty of forming the raw material from clogging.
    The automatic adjustment function of the pressure roller: Using the basic principle of double rotation of the thrust ball bearing, the viewing angle of the working pressure is automatically adjusted to prevent the raw material from being squeezed, and the machine is not stuffy, ensuring the stability of the feeding and forming. The actual operation is simple and easy to use: the level of automation technology is high, the labor is small, and only three people are required. Manual feeding or belt conveyor automatic feeding can be used.
    Production Process
    1. The particle length and moisture content of the raw materials are within the required range; the raw materials are uniformly sent to the inner edge of the upper edge of the molding machine through an automatic feeder (belt conveyor) or manually for compression molding.
    2. The straw Baler machine adopts hydraulic transmission system, vertical and horizontal, with high production capacity, low equipment failure rate and stable operation.
    3. The straw Baler machine has a long life: the grinding wheel is made of special steel and special metal composite materials, and it does not need to be disassembled and replaced within 3 years. High performance and cost-effective: On the basis of similar machinery and equipment, the technical content and functions of the equipment are improved. Taking into account the affordability of many customers, especially farmers' production and processing costs.

    Nick Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the research and production of hydraulic machinery and equipment, providing more than 140 types of machines, welcome to buy www.nkbaler.net

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