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  • Metal briquetting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that uses hydraulic power to realize material compression forming. It is mainly used in various metal manufacturing and recycling industries. It can treat waste products such as scrap aluminum, scrap iron, scrap steel, cans, bicycle parts, etc , Compress and process different shapes through equipment to facilitate transportation and reuse.
    The equipment has a compact structure design, integrated hydraulic transmission and control devices, which facilitates operation and use, and a pulley is installed at the bottom of the equipment to ensure mobility. During the installation process, no additional fixation is required. Users can customize according to their own processing needs, including the size, size, and shape of the processed materials. At the same time, the metal briquetting machine has greatly improved the work efficiency with the help of automatic control devices. The existing metal briquetting machines in the market are classified according to different functional characteristics and model sizes to meet the processing needs of most users. Reflecting the market development potential, most of the products processed by the metal briquetting machine have the following characteristics:
    1. Shape rules, usually before manipulation, a suitable mold will be selected according to user needs to determine the amount of materials required for processing and ensure qualified shape requirements.
    2. Aesthetic: The compression of the metal briquetting machine mainly goes through five processes, strictly controlled, and the surface uses lubricant to avoid the surface wear of the workpiece due to processing, and to ensure the beauty.
    3. After briquetting the materials, it is convenient for transportation, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of the enterprise and improves the economic efficiency of the enterprise.

    4. Reflecting the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and energy saving, the metal materials after briquetting can be reused by enterprises and facilitate storage at the same time.

    The metal briquetting machine produced by Nick Machinery has always had its own uniqueness, because we believe that we can only make our products more refined and distinctive. Only by making users and friends more satisfied can we have a better market. Make customers and friends give more praise to our metal briquetting machine.

  • What methods can the automatic waste paper baler use to check whether the equipment is normal before it is produced, and how to operate it? Now let's give you a specific explanation:
    1. No-load test machine: turn on the power of the waste paper hydraulic baler, loosen the system overflow valve to make the system overflow smoothly, start the motor (using the method of stopping after starting), and observe whether the rotation of the motor is consistent with the sign of the oil pump . Start the motor and observe whether the oil pump is stable and reliable during operation. Whether there is significant noise in the pump, if not, the test machine can be carried out. Gradually adjust the overflow valve handle of the waste paper hydraulic baler so that the pressure value is about 8Mpa. Operate according to the operating sequence, and perform single-action on each cylinder to observe whether it runs smoothly and without vibration, and gradually adjust the main pressure cylinder and side pressure The parallelism between the cylinder, the bottom plate and the side frame, fix the main pressure cylinder and the side pressure cylinder, and use the adjusting support to support the tail of the cylinder.

    Automatic waste paper baler

    2. Load test machine
    (1) The load test can be carried out after the single-cylinder operation is recognized.
    (2) Adjust the pressure of the waste paper hydraulic baler system to make the pressure display value about 20~26.5Mpa, and tighten the nut. Do several packing sequences in the order of manipulation. Feed material to the compression chamber, and use the form of packaging for the load test. Press 1~2 bales and hold the pressure for 3~5 seconds after the stroke of each waste paper hydraulic baler cylinder is in place. Do a pressure test on the system and observe if there is any Oil leakage, if any, should be eliminated after the system is depressurized.
    Nick Machinery has a professional R&D, design and after-sales team. If you encounter any difficult problems during use, you can always contact us www.nkbaler.com.
  • The aluminum can Baler Compactor is very suitable for compressing hollow plastic bottles, aluminum cans (pop cans), cola bottles, oil bottles, etc. into compact packages, which is convenient for transportation and storage, and also greatly saves costs. Therefore, aluminum can packing machine is an ideal plastic bottle and aluminum can packing machine, also called bottle packing machine or aluminum can compressor. This Baler Compactor is a high-quality choice for the recycling industry of plastic aluminum cans and bottles.
    Due to the characteristics of the packaging material, the aluminum can Baler Compactor has a wetted drainage system. In the process of packing and compressing bottles or cans, if there is residual liquid in the bottles or cans, these liquids will be discharged into the liquid receiving tray, thus making your packaging work environment more tidy.
    The maximum bale weight that the aluminum can baler machine can reach is about 3400kg (of course, the bale weight depends on the density of the packaging material before compression). We provide several standard models, different models with different compression forces, to ensure that they can meet customers Various needs. Of course, we can also customize the size of the compression chamber according to your special requirements.

    It adopts the right-angle opening method, which can carry out "Tichuang" packing, high load structure, automatic bag turning device, safe and reliable.

    Packing machine application: PET bottles, disposable plastic tableware, cola bottles, soda bottles, aluminum cans (pop cans), oil cans, etc.
    If you want to know more detailed description of the can baler, you can go to the website of Nick Machinery www.nkbaler.com, or call our sales number: 86-29-86031588.
  • One of the important reasons why aluminum cans are widely used in the world is that they are easy to recycle and reduce energy consumption. Aluminum cans are more environmentally friendly than other packaging containers. As far as the container is concerned, repeated recycling reduces environmental pollution; as far as the materials used, the repeated use of aluminum effectively saves resources and maintains the global environment. Other packaging containers, such as the popular plastics and PET materials, are all derived from petroleum. The continuous exploitation of petroleum will cause the depletion of resources. Aluminum is a rare resource on the earth. Its main source is smelting from ore. However, the electricity required to produce aluminum is far more than other metals. Compared with smelting aluminum from ore, recycling aluminum cans into aluminum can greatly reduce energy consumption and air pollution. A discarded aluminum can still exists on the surface five hundred years later and cannot be decomposed. Aluminum cans not only have the highest recyclability rate, but also the largest recycling volume, so the recycling of aluminum cans is of great significance. As a preliminary treatment of aluminum can recycling, the aluminum can bales compressed and reduced by the baler can greatly improve the convenience of storage and transportation, while maximizing storage space and transportation costs.

     Nick Machinery has a variety of Baler Compactors that can be used to compress and pack aluminum cans, vertical Baler Compactors and mini Baler Compactors, which are mainly used in the recycling industry of small and medium-sized aluminum cans. For large can recycling centers, horizontal machines are a better choice. The hopper of the horizontal baler can be matched with the conveyor, making the feeding more convenient and efficient. For more information, please contact 86-29-86031588. There is always one suitable for you.

  • (1) Those who do not understand the structure, performance and operating procedures of the machine shall not start the machine without learning.(2) Each lubrication point of the machine should be filled with lubricating oil at least once per shift.

    (3) The hydraulic oil added to the oil tank should be strictly used high-quality anti-wear hydraulic oil, which must be strictly filtered, and sufficient oil should be kept frequently, and the oil should be filled immediately when it is insufficient.

    (4) The fuel tank should be cleaned and replaced with new oil every six months, but the first cleaning and filtering of the oil should not exceed one month, and the new oil that has been used once is strictly filtered and allowed to be used again.

    (5) When there is a serious oil leak or an abnormal phenomenon occurs during work, stop immediately, analyze the cause and eliminate the fault, and do not force the operation with disease.

    (6) When the machine is running or packing, it is not allowed to repair or touch the moving parts with hands, and it is strictly forbidden to press materials in the bin with hands or feet.
    (7) When adjusting the pump, valve, and pressure gauge, it must be carried out by experienced technical workers. If the pressure gauge is found to be faulty, it should be checked or updated immediately.
    The above are the precautions for the use of NKQ series shears compiled by Nick Machinery for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have other questions, you can pay attention to our homepage www.nkbaler.com, and we have professionals to ask you for answers.
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