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  • With its excellent processing capacity and stable production capacity, the horizontal baler produced by Nick Machinery has won the unanimous trust and love of the majority of waste processing households, waste packaging stations, and waste collection stations. The equipment is compared with traditional vertical hydraulic packaging. Machine, the production efficiency has been significantly improved; when making a choice, customers should choose according to the following conditions:
    1. If you simply compress raw materials such as waste paper and waste paper boxes, novices or start-up customers can start by choosing 80 tons of pressure equipment, 80 tons of pressure is enough to use, production efficiency and output can also meet daily needs, wait until In the later stage, the scale of production is fully expanded, and you can choose a large horizontal baler
    2. If the compressed raw materials are messy, or even compressed beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cola bottles and other waste plastic bottle raw materials, you can choose a device with a pressure of 100 tons to start, and a horizontal baler below this pressure can be compressed. All kinds of plastic bottles, especially compressed with caps, cannot completely squeeze the caps, and the compression effect is average;
    3. If the budget is not enough, the scale is small, and the compressed raw materials are mostly waste paper, you can also contact our company's sales staff to order a small horizontal waste paper box baler and a rear-blocking horizontal waste paper box baler separately. , The equipment pressure is about 60 tons, and it is very easy to compress waste paper and waste paper boxes, and the bale can reach 400-450 kg.

    Nick Machinery can tailor the packaging machine according to your packaging requirements, space size, and budget constraints. You can contact us for more information in order to recommend the best packaging solution for you. You are welcome to consult www.nkbaler.net

  • Nick NKW series horizontal hydraulic baler is designed and manufactured with hydraulic cylinder behind the door. The bale is continuously compressed before forming. The length of the bale can be determined in advance. After the bale is formed, the warning device prompts, stop the compression operation, and start the push after the bundling is completed. The package program, the package block compression work is completed, and the package block is pushed out of the box.
    Horizontal plastic bottle Bailer machine with larger feeding port and more one-time feeding; there is a running track under the compression cylinder, the back and forth compression is more stable, and the machine durability is better; the excess raw materials are removed by the cutter and will not get stuck Live equipment; the equipment adopts multi-function PLC electric box operation, which integrates multiple functions in one, with stronger safety, applicability, and operability. It is convenient for novices to operate and easier to use.
    Scope of application:
    Nick NKW series of horizontal hydraulic balers for blocking doors due to the design of the cylinder behind the blocking door, can compress and pack a wide range of raw materials, including various soft and hard materials, waste, leftovers, straw, pasture, straw, waste paper boxes, and plastic film , Woven bags, etc. can be easily packaged; the advantage of adopting the back-blocking door design is: the density of the bale is better, and the bale is harder and heavier than the push bag series products.

    The NKW series horizontal baler produced by Nick Machinery can freely set the length of the bale, accurately record the bale value, and is convenient for the operator.

  • System innovation:
    The hydraulic system of the Nick NKW series horizontal plastic bottle balers and automatic horizontal plastic bottle balers have both reliability and stability. The reason lies in the rationality and seals of the hydraulic system of the Nick Machinery horizontal hydraulic balers. The superiority of selection; due to the reasonable design of the seal structure in the design, the selection of seals is extremely standardized, and the compatibility of hydraulic oil and sealing materials in the operation of the machine, load conditions, ultimate pressure, working speed, environmental temperature changes, etc. A closed state, so the equipment operation of Nick Machinery NKW series horizontal hydraulic baler and horizontal rear-blocking door baler is always in a stable state.
    1. Upgrading equipment materials, using larger steel plates than similar equipment, with better durability;
    2. Flexible bag delivery method, horizontal hydraulic baler with back-blocking door and horizontal baler with push bag are available;
    3. Suitable for different environments, according to customer requirements, it can be equipped with low energy consumption and low noise oil pumps, which will not disturb the people;
    4. Imported hydraulic parts and sealing elements from Europe and the United States have a longer service life and are not afraid of oil leakage after long-term use;
    5. Individually customized pressure cylinder, thicker cylinder, longer stroke, greater compression force, and better compression effect;

    Nick Machinery continues to innovate and improve to make the horizontal Baler perform better and make the equipment better serve users. Users are welcome to visit and purchase.

  • The hydraulic baler is suitable for straw, forage, waste paper baling, cotton baling, clothing baling, straw baling, plastic baling, wool baling, recyclable garbage baling, and can also be used for cotton, wool, waste paper boxes, waste cardboard , Yarn, tobacco, plastic, cloth, woven bags, knitted velvet, hemp, sack, tops, hair balls, cocoons, silk, hops, waste plastic bags and other soft materials such as light foam and loose materials are compressed and packaged. It is compact, neat and beautiful, and can greatly reduce transportation costs. It is a good production tool for cotton producing areas, textile enterprises, garment factories, waste material recycling stations and other various light industrial enterprises.
    The quality is reliable and safe; it is widely used, stylish in appearance, and exquisite workmanship; four strapping slots, easy to operate, three breadboards, single-sided feeding, effectively avoiding wrong operation and damage; it can be equipped with anti-rebound The barb is equipped with a safety switch and an open safety interlock mechanism.
    The electrical control system adopts advanced electrical control components, which are easy to operate, durable, and can be used without debugging. Manual bundling, automatic turning over, rigid pressure plate structure, convenient for recycling a variety of waste materials, fast compaction, low noise, high efficiency, When working on non-pressure stroke, the pressure plate automatically returns to the position without load to avoid high oil pressure to reduce power.

    For more detailed description of wool baler, you can go to the website of Nick Machinery www.nkbaler.net, or call our sales phone: 86-29-86031588

  • Instructions for use:
    1. Prepare the Bailer room and wrapping cloth
    2. Open the small doors on the left and right sides and the front and rear doors, spread the wrapping cloth on the bottom row, then close the door and the small door, move the small door support rods on both sides (pull the switch handle out of the hydraulic door operation), the top is small Gate.
    3. Like the feeding in the box, it should be uniform and flat, not high on one side and low on the other, otherwise it will cause the pressure and discharge piston rod to tilt and bend and deform.
    4. After the material box is filled, operate (pull outward) to step on the handle to lower the upper pressure row. When it drops to the yellow mark line, push the step on the handle to make the upper pressure row rise and stop when it reaches the yellow mark line.
    5. Feed the material into the box again-press down-rise, repeat this several times, until the material reaches a certain weight, push the handle inward to make the upper press bar rise to the yellow mark line to stop.
    6. Install the wrapping cloth on the upper pressure row, and then manipulate (pull out) the booster handle to make the stepping on the bag and the pressure cylinder simultaneously press down the pressure cylinder at the same time, and stop when the yellow marking line is overwhelmed.
    7. Manipulate (push in) and press the handle to make the press bar rise to the yellow mark line to stop, and then push out the package to complete a packaging operation process.

    The above is the use method of plastic film baler shared by Nick Machinery. Is it helpful to everyone? For more baler content, please pay attention to www.nkbaler.net

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