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  • 1. The synchronous symmetrical mechanical design of double pressing wheels not only has high production efficiency, but also enhances stability and reduces equipment failure rate.
    2. Improve the design of molds, synchronize the wear of the pressing wheels, facilitate gap adjustment, effectively extend the service life of core components, meet the needs of long-term uninterrupted production, and greatly reduce maintenance costs.
    3. The large yellow storage baler has a simple structure, which is convenient for maintenance and repair; the maintenance bracket is designed in the middle, which is convenient for the maintenance of the whole machine.
    4. Increase the effective counterweight to make the operation more stable, safe, anti-boring, and no noise.
    5. Large yellow storage baler This machine has made improvements to the core components to increase the load-bearing strength, especially for the production of cotton, wood, tree branches and other hard lignin raw materials more efficient.
    6. The core components are forged and formed by special materials with high wear resistance, high strength and high toughness. After special treatment, they have a longer service life and low maintenance costs. They can be reused after repair without replacement.

    The yellow storage baler of Nick Machinery is simple in structure, strong in stability and low in failure rate. It is a good helper for your production. 

  • 1. The hydraulic waste paper baler can automatically feed and detect, and continuously discharge the bag, or it can be done manually. It can be used for waste paper, cardboard boxes, newsprint, etc., waste plastics, PET bottles, plastic films, turnover boxes, etc., straws, etc. Packing of loose objects has good packing effect.

    2. Fast packing speed, saving time and electricity, low failure rate, high degree of automation, labor saving, high reliability and long service life.

    3. Double reinforcement is used to form the package, which effectively avoids the occurrence of loose packages during the pushing process and the strapping step. The packaging quality is good, stable and reliable, avoids rework, and effectively improves the overall efficiency.

    4. This conveying device is equipped with multiple baffles with evenly spaced intervals to effectively prevent the material from sliding down. The material is conveyed at a uniform speed from bottom to top, and the same amount of material is fed into the material channel of the main body of the baler.

    5. The waste paper hydraulic baler has reasonable structure, simple operation, stable and reliable use, easy to promote and apply, and can effectively improve production efficiency.

    Nick Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of waste paper balers. The baler has simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and greatly improves production efficiency. Welcome to buy www.nkbaler.net

  • 1. When choosing lubricating oil, you should mainly pay attention to the corn stalk hydraulic baler equipment indicating which type of lubricating oil is required to be purchased in the book. According to your own specific situation, temperature and temperature conditions, choose the most suitable lubricating oil for your equipment. , We must first investigate the anti-rust function of lubricating oil. The oil in the rolling bearing must have anti-rust function. The anti-rust agent does not dissolve water, and the lubricating oil has about the adhesion, and it forms a layer of protection on the surface of the stainless steel plate. Film to reduce friction.

    2. In the production and operation of the corn stalk hydraulic baler, the actual operating staff must be skilled in safe operation procedures, and they must also understand the daily maintenance of the equipment, the sanitary removal before the equipment is turned on and off, proper actual operation and proper maintenance The method can increase the output of the rice straw baler and reduce the cost.

    Nick Machinery reminds you that in the process of using the straw baler, you must strictly follow the product instructions and do not ignore some small details to ensure safe and effective production. If you have other questions, you can go to the Nick website to learn www.nkbaler.net

  • 1. It is forbidden to wear gloves to carry out actual operations on rotating machinery and equipment.

    2. In the actual operation of the gear transmission part, the clothing must be "three tight", that is, the jacket, sleeves, and trouser corners should be fastened firmly.

    3. When the mechanical equipment of the corn stalk hydraulic baler is in operation, it is not allowed to touch the rotating parts with hands or all parts of the body, not to extend the body into the part of the transmission system to pick up items, and it is not allowed to surpass on the transmission system without safety devices. Accurately measure the working specifications when the machinery and equipment are in operation.

    4. When the corn stalk hydraulic baler carries out maintenance, cleaning machinery, or dismantling and replacing the rotating part of the CNC blade, etc., be sure to disconnect the switching power supply, and hang a safety sign "Some people are working, it is strictly forbidden to reclose" on the electrical switch. At the end of the work, the license plate must be removed immediately before driving; and the person who obtains the license plate must be the listed person. (The listing person must be the key operator and the last one left on the spot and checked for accuracy before the card can be used)

    Nick Machinery reminds you that you must follow strict operating instructions during the use of the product, which can not only protect the safety of the operator, but also reduce the loss of equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.

  • The new generation of silage baler squeezes and bales through the hydraulic principle, with a fully automatic control system and simple operation. Packed silage can be stored for 2-3 years without deterioration, it is convenient to carry and feed (open a bag after feeding) is much more convenient than the previous silage, and it solves the phenomenon of waste of forage in the silage. So what are his advantages, let's talk about it below:
    Product advantages
    1. No more digging silos
    2. Long preservation time (natural preservation for up to 3 years)
    3. Low packaging cost
    4. Labor saving (a full set of equipment only needs 2-3 people to work)
    5. Space saving and convenient transportation of feed
    6. Worry-free, simple equipment operation (automatic control)
    7. Various special-shaped machines can be customized according to customer requirements
    8. Automatic control cabinet, one key to start packing
    9. Bagging and packaging, out of the package

    The silage baler produced by Nick Machinery has simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and moderate price. It is a good helper for your production.

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