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  • Immediately,more and more waste packaging cartons are produced.In order to save energy,the application of waste paper balers has become more and more extensive,and the technology of waste paper balers is constantly innovating and developing.
    What are the advantages of waste cardboard baler in environmental protection issues?

     1.The patented rapid pressurization technology,that is,while maintaining the power displacement of the motor oil pump,it increases the upper limit of cylinder pressure,speeds up the cylinder speed,reduces energy consumption, and reduces operating pressure,which increases the overall working efficiency of the packer.And usage cost.

     2.The high and low pressure system technology can achieve 50% power saving under the condition of ensuring the same packaging pressure and packaging quality,which greatly saves the electricity cost of packaging station customers.The machine has been put into market testing and the effect has been verified.
    Nick Company also keeps improving its own R&D and production level at the pace of the times,in order to produce more suitable products for the enterprise.
  • The waste paper baler can be divided into different models according to the different processing capacity. 
    Then the different types of balers have different forms of packaging.Let's take a look at it together.

    The first is the manual delivery mode.The machine uses manual operation to put waste paper and other materials into the material,and then after the packaging production is completed and bundled,it needs to be manually delivered.This type is more suitable for small and medium-sized waste.Paper baler products.

    The second type is automatic package delivery.With the continuous development of productivity and the continuous improvement of customer requirements,a control box is added on the basis of the original baler,and a wire rope is added to the package box.The entire production operation can be completed with a button.The production efficiency is more efficient,so it is well received by customers.
    Nick Machinery Horizontal Baler is also constantly striving to innovate,hoping to produce more suitable products for major manufacturers in the future.

  • The waste paper products of the same type of waste paper after being packaged by the waste paper baler are beautiful in shape and can be sold at a good price.This is also the request of customers to purchase waste paper baler.
    The hydraulic waste paper baler packs a beautiful product package to meet the following requirements:
    First,the waste paper is sorted carefully,especially the yellow paperboard needs to be divided into first class and second class.

    Second,the waste paper baler needs certain tricks when operating.For details,please consult Nick Company:86-029-86031588.

    Third,choosing the type of waste paper baler is also very important for the beauty of the bag.The pressure is higher than the bag with less pressure,and the effect is very good.Hydraulic waste paper baler manufacturers will recommend cost-effective types of waste paper balers based on the types of waste paper often packaged in waste paper recycling stations.

    Fourth,the internal structure of the waste paper baler will also affect the beauty of the product package.Therefore,it is best to investigate the manufacturer’s customer site when choosing a waste paper baler,so that you can purchase satisfactory waste paper baler equipment.

    Nick brand waste paper baler has good rigidity and stability,beautiful appearance,convenient operation and maintenance,safe and energy-saving,and it can also pack a beautiful packaging shape for you.

  • The metal briquetting machine is mainly used for the cold bundling of various light and thin plastic black and non-ferrous metal waste materials to form a compact rectangular block,which is convenient for storage and transportation.Ideal equipment for waste processing.

    Add the materials to be packed into the material box,operate the reversing valve handle,close the door cover and lock the door cover by the lock to prevent it from floating,perform primary pre-compression,and then the side pressure cylinder moves forward for secondary compression;the stroke is in place,The main pressure cylinder advances for final compression,so that the main pressure cylinder reaches the system pressure and maintains pressure for 3 to 5 seconds.The main and side cylinders return,pull out the lock and open the door cover,and the turning cylinder works to turn out the package block and return.At this point,a work cycle is completed.

    Note:The length of the bundle is determined by the weight,material and geometry of the waste material to be squeezed.Therefore,it is not allowed to pack too much of the thicker waste material that has a higher density,otherwise it will make the bag too long.Unable to turn out the block,even causing the side pressure head to be unable to be in place,causing a series of maladies such as the dislocation of the main pressure head.
    Therefore,you must be careful when operating It is recommended that you choose the Nick brand copper wire briquetting machine,which is safe and reliable,low power consumption,economical and reasonable,convenient to use, and simple to maintain and operate.It is a good helper for your production.
  • The production of straw baler under high temperature environment must be operated in accordance with the regulations.In the hot summer weather,the user must produce safely during use,and must not take care of the maintenance of the equipment,so as to avoid inducing mechanical failure of the corn stalk baler.Packing processing efficiency.

    In the production process,maintenance must not be neglected,and the speed of the baler should not be increased arbitrarily.The difference between the speed and the rated speed is generally 8%-10%.When the baler is working with a larger power machine,attention should be paid to control the flow and make the flow even,not sudden and slow.

    In short,the straw baler must be operated in accordance with the regulations when it is produced in a high temperature environment,so as to allow the machine to maximize its functions and improve efficiency.The Nick brand straw baler has simple structure,small volume,simple daily operation and maintenance,convenient transportation and storage,continuous operation,and high efficiency.

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