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  • Rice husks are nothing more than ordinary for rice mills.Large-scale rice mills use biomass such as rice husks to generate electricity,but few have been successfully used in production and life.

    A large amount of rice husk needs to be transported to bio-power plants for power generation.The power supply price of the National Grid is 70 cents per kilowatt-hour,while the cost of using waste rice husks for power generation only needs 3 cents per kilowatt-hour,which is precipitated in the purification and decoking process of rice husk power generation.The ash from the chaff can also be sold as flower fertilizer.

    However,how to transport these rice husks has always been a problem that plagues various rice factories.
    Nick Machinery’s rice husk briquetting machine can compress rice husks and squeeze them into blocks,which completely solves the transportation problem and creates huge profits for the rice mill.
    If you are interested in the rice husk briquetting machine or have any questions,please log on to our company's website:www.nkbaler.net,or call:86-29-86031588
  • The selection of the protection form of the motor of the corn stalk baler,in order to prevent the motor of the equipment from being damaged by the surrounding environmental substances,or the disaster caused by the failure of the motor itself,the protection form of the motor must be appropriately selected according to different environments.The protection forms of the corn stalk baler motor include open type,protection type,explosion-proof type and closed type.The following principles should be followed when selecting:
    1.The motor of the open type corn stalk baler can only be used in a dry and clean environment.

    2.Protective motors are suitable for dry and dusty,non-explosive and corrosive gas environments.Under normal circumstances,corn stalk balers can choose this type of motor because of their better ventilation conditions.

    3.Explosion-proof motors can be used in explosive environments (such as underground in gas mines,etc.).
    4.The enclosed motor of the corn stalk baler is divided into three types:self-cooling,other fan-cooling and sealed.Among them,the first two types can be used in environments such as ditch wetness,corrosive dust,and susceptibility to wind and rain;the latter are generally used for equipment immersed in water(such as submersible pumps).

    Nick reminds you to choose the type of motor protection for your corn straw baler according to your environment.

    Shaanxi Nick Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.is a company specializing in the production of waste paper balers,straw balers,plastic bottle balers,fiber balers and other environmentally friendly products for many years.Concentrate on creating professionalism,honesty and reputation,service for sales,for our beauty Tomorrow,we look forward to seeing and patronizing new and old customers.If you are interested in the corn stalk baler or have any questions,please log on to our company's website: www.nkbaler.net,or call:86-29-86031588

  • During the use of the waste paper baler,the waste paper baler will inevitably produce vibration and noise,which will affect the work efficiency of our staff.So how to solve this situation?
    1.The wear of the check valve (valve) can be sealed with the valve seat,if the pilot valve head is abnormal.
    2.Check that the pilot valve pressure regulating spring is deformed,or the pilot valve head is twisted in the spring.
    3.Check that the couplings of the pump and the motor are not concentric and concentric,and should be adjusted.

    4.Check that there is no vibration,vibration and noise damping pipe clamps for the pipes of the waste paper baler.

    5.The intersection of the double pump or the fuel oil of the pump must be reasonable,otherwise the waste paper packing may cause noise and vibration due to vortex cavitation.
    Nick Machinery reminds you to pay attention to safe production,check first when operating and using machinery,maintenance and maintenance are essential.
    If you are interested in the waste paper baler or have any questions,please log on to our company's website:www.nkbaler.net,or call:86-29-86031588

  • Some oil traps are always found during the operation of the waste paper baler.Many customers have such questions when using them,so we will explain them one by one here.

    Because the compressibility of the waste paper baler oil is very small,when the volume of the enclosed space is reduced,the trapped oil is squeezed,the pressure rises sharply,and the oil is forcibly squeezed out from the gap between the joint surfaces of the parts.The gears and bearings are subjected to great radial force;when the waste paper baler gear continues to rotate.This closed volume gradually increases to the maximum position.When the volume increases,it will cause a partial vacuum,separate the gas dissolved in the oil,and generate cavitation,which will cause the gear pump to produce strong noise.This is waste paper.The oil trapping phenomenon of the baler.

    The method to eliminate the oil trapping of waste paper baler is usually to mill two unloading grooves on both end covers of the gear pump of waste paper baler.When the closed volume decreases,make it communicate with the oil pressure chamber;and when the closed volume increases When large,make it communicate with the oil suction cavity. The two unloading grooves of general gear pumps are opened asymmetrically.It is often offset to the oil suction cavity,and the distance between the two grooves must ensure that the oil suction cavity and the mooring cavity cannot communicate with each other at any time.

    To make the waste paper baler more long-lived and healthy,Nick Machinery recommends that our customers maintain the waste paper baler after work!Focus on checking the hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve of the waste paper baler.Also remember to check once a month and clean the hydraulic oil frequently!

    If you are interested in the waste paper baler or have any questions,please log on to our company's website: www.nkbaler.net,or call:86-29-86031588

  • Straw has a wide range of applications,and its current uses:straw fertilizer,straw feed,straw base material,straw raw materials,straw fuel and many other fields,the comprehensive utilization of straw will definitely be increased in the future.

    After the autumn harvest,most of the rural straw is not used.The straw forage baler produced by Nick Machinery guillotines and crushes the straw.It uses the straw to answer platinum,compresses it,and then packs it into a bag.It is manually tied and stored outdoors. can.

    The straw baler has low technology and low technical content for forage production,which is simple and easy to learn.It is the best way to use rural straw.Welcome customers to visit our factory.You can also visit our company website:www.nkbaler.net.If you need help,please call 86-29-86031588.
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