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  • When choosing various types of waste paper balers, you must shop around. The comparison is not only the price of the equipment, but also the quality of the baler, market reputation and other aspects. This is the case for many customers. After comparing several waste paper baler manufacturers, they chose the one with a lower price. In the end, the quality of the equipment is not up to standard, and the machine is not easy to use or even unusable; it affects production and causes a waste of investment. The result is not worth the loss. Products that are too cheap are only cheap when they are bought, and expensive at other times! Expensive products are expensive when you buy them, and the more you use them, the cheaper! This is the last word for one cent for one price!
    There are only a few of the various waste paper balers and woven bag balers sold in the market at very low prices. Most manufacturers’ prices are in the middle level, and the price gap is small; too low prices still require sufficient profits To maintain, if the quality and configuration are not compromised, it is difficult to have a low price.
    The machines that can be used and used well are nothing more than the following aspects:
    The weight of the machine is larger, because the materials used in the equipment are gradually upgraded according to the pressure of the machine. The higher the pressure, the better the material used in the machine, so as to ensure its durability;
    Hydraulic accessories are better; hydraulic accessories are also supplied by various manufacturers, and the quality is also different according to the price; choosing hydraulic accessories with more stable quality can bring more stable use effects;

    The parameters are provided in more detail; some of the hydraulic baler equipment of the same model is higher in height, and some are lower in height. The difference is the difference in the core hydraulic components; the motors of the same power, some are larger, and some are smaller , The gap can only be seen by disassembling.

    Nick Machinery specializes in providing a full range of hydraulic packaging machinery options to meet your waste recycling needs. You can choose the standard models of Nick Machinery, or custom models tailored to the specific conditions of your plant and other facilities. www.nkbaler.net

  • 1.Hydraulic configuration: The hydraulic circuit system with fast and low noise of regenerated oil adopts the combination of imported and domestic high-quality components, which not only guarantees the quality but also reduces the cost, and the performance of the whole machine is stable.
    2. Electrical configuration: PLC control is selected to make the circuit simple, the failure rate is low, and the inspection and troubleshooting are simple and quick.
    3. Shearing knife: The internationally used scissors design is used to improve the efficiency of cutting paper and prolong the service life of the blade.
    4. Wire binding device: the latest international wire binding device, saving iron wire, fast binding, low failure rate, easy to clean, maintain and repair.
    5. Conveyor: The conveyor belt is made of new PVC material, which is anti-corrosion and aging resistance, has the advantages of slip resistance, large conveying capacity, and strong load capacity.
    6. The length can be set freely, and the Baling Press value can be accurately recorded.

    7. Easy installation, simple foundation construction, no foundation reinforcement treatment is required.

    Shaanxi Nick Machinery is a professional manufacturer of waste plastic baler. Welcome to our company website www.nkbaler.net for consultation.

  • Vertical sponge compressors can be widely used in wood mill scraps, waste paper purchase points, green fodder farms and paper tube packaging. In addition, this packaging machine has a faster packaging speed and can implement automatic, fully automatic and unmanned operations. Operation, so the equipment has the characteristics of saving time and time, is a practical new product.
    Production safety is a prerequisite for increasing economic returns. Here is a detailed introduction to the various common problems in the entire process of large and medium-sized baler applications:
    1. Pay attention to the manufacturing output power of the fully automatic vertical sponge compressor. If the application time of the transformer is too long, the application of exceeding the output power will not only cause the motor of the machine and equipment to burn out, but it is also very prone to fire accidents. Be very careful, please prepare in advance the working voltage and volume that are only used for this machine.
    2. The ground wire of the machine and equipment must be installed properly. If the ground wire is not properly connected, there is a danger of electric shock.
    3. When the extension wire is applied, it should not exceed 10m as much as possible. Extension cords used beyond this range will not only destroy the machine, but also the power plug and power socket are too hot, which may cause a fire accident.
    4. Do not clean the machine with tap water. When the working site is wet and cold, the actual operating staff should not work barefoot;

    5. After the work is over, all machines should be cleaned up, and the key parts should be often lubricated with oil.

    The above are various common problems in the application of vertical sponge compressors. I hope it will be helpful to you. This Baler occupies a small area, is easy to install and maintain, and has the same practical operation methods as the general large and medium-sized ones, and the price is more Very easy for small and medium enterprises to accept, welcome to buy www.nkbaler.net
  • The basic model of 160 type horizontal waste paper baler has fast delivery, more than 1 ton per bag. The specifications of the bag are especially suitable for loading, and the economic development is cost-effective. It is a hot-selling model for enterprises and has received five-star praise from customers.
    Horizontal waste paper baler includes: feed hopper, fully automatic baler server, drive chain chain flat-plate feeding conveyor, automatic control system, automobile fuel tank, and related spare parts. The waste paper baler and the feeding conveyor have a uniform appearance and color, and the production date and equipment model specifications, performance parameters, and after-sales maintenance service contact telephone identification signs.
    Horizontal automatic horizontal waste paper baler, small investment, big profit, can pack all kinds of bulky raw materials: waste shredded paper edge, yellow cardboard, waste cardboard box, cardboard box, waste books, newspapers, food crop straw Rods, sticks, plastic bottles, plastics, cotton wool, packaging bags, linen, etc.

    The packaging specifications of the horizontal waste paper baler can be customized, the automatic technology button is actually operated, and the packaging is leveled. The relative density of the packaging is large, and the packaging is neat and beautiful.

    Nick brand waste paper baler is recognized by many customers with its high-quality qualifications and professional craftsmanship according to the actual needs of everyone, and it is trustworthy.www.nkbaler.net
  • 01 Galvanized cylinder The cylinder is galvanized, which will not rust after long-term use.  

    02Copper wire motor The motor is a copper core motor, which can withstand high temperature to ensure the smooth and continuous operation of the machine. 

    03 Handle switch Push the lever inward to automatically press it down, and the lever to outside will automatically lift it up to prevent accidental injury. 

    04The whole machine is heavier the quality of the whole machine is scientifically increased, and the operation is easier and more stable.  

    05Enlarge the space the box frame is heightened and improved, the space is larger, the pressure is strong, and the efficiency is very high.

    06 Upgrade door lock solid steel casting, U-shaped anti-off door handle, easy operation, flexible door opening and closing.

    Nick brand plastic compression baler is recognized by many customers with its high-quality qualifications and professional craftsmanship according to the actual needs of everyone, and it is trustworthy.

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