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  • Hydraulic cotton baler is suitable for compressing and packing loose foam materials, lint, short lint, chemical fiber, wool, etc. Features are as follows:

    1. Automatically complete the processes of pre-pressing, metering, re-boxing, press-packing sampling, unboxing, and out-of-packing

    2. The auxiliary machine system automatically completes the processes of receiving, sending, pushing, weighing, wrapping, conveying, etc.

    3. Touch screen and fault analysis system make the operation simple and easy to maintain

    4. Using cartridge valve, Schneider Electric, Siemens PLC control, reliable performance

    Nick Machinery has been engaged in the research of cotton baler for many years. In order to be able to worry about customers, it actively absorbs advanced experience and high-tech achievements to innovate independently. Tailor-made cotton balers suitable for local factors for enterprises, and strive to satisfy users in many aspects.

  • Woven bag packing machine is suitable for compression packing of waste paper, plastic, PET plastic bottle, thin iron material and other materials. This series of Baler Presss can be equipped with hopper operation, according to customer needs, you can choose to feed materials through conveyor belts or manual methods. According to customer needs, we

    can choose to feed materials by express belt or manually. We can provide technical support according to the customer's actual site requirements, and customize the size according to the customer's requirements. Good-looking appearance, compact structure, efficient performance, simple operation, safe and reliable.

    (1) The closed-end knot makes the package tighter

    (2) Support PLC system operation and touch screen interface, automatic continuous delivery, manual strapping and other processes

    (3) Conveyor belt can be equipped to transport materials to improve work efficiency

    (4) Hydraulic drive has the advantages of stable operation, high pressure and high efficiency

    (5) Mechanical structure combines high output and low power consumption

    (6) Good-looking appearance, compact structure, efficient performance, simple operation, safe and reliable

    (7) It can be customized according to different packing size and density requirements

    The woven bag packing machine produced by Nick Machinery has always had its own uniqueness, because we believe that we can only make our products more refined and more distinctive. Only by making users and friends more satisfied can we have a better market

  • The foam blocker is suitable for packing and shaping foam materials. The hourly output is 250-300 kg, and the density is about 500 kg.

    1. Unmanned control, automatic packing, convenient for loading without losing tons.

    2. The compression ratio is large, and the capacity can be reduced by 50 times,

    3. Save storage space, save transportation and storage costs,

    4. The compressed PS material is easy to recycle,

    5. Large models can be operated synchronously with the conveyor belt to improve production efficiency.

    Nick Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the research, development, production and sales of hydraulic balers. There are many styles and many functions, allowing you to buy one-stop. 86-29-86031588

  • The bagging blocker is suitable for sawdust, shavings, rice husks, medicinal materials, dried peppers, cottonseed husks, peanut husks, corn cobs, hay, mineral wool and other loose materials that cannot be bundled and crushed peanut seedlings and beans for animal feed. Seedlings, sweet potato seedlings, wheat stalks, rice straw, natural grasses, lysium chinensis, alkali grass, green hay, corn grass, bread grass, coarse health, fine chaff, etc., greatly reducing waste storage space, saving 80% of stacking space, and reducing transportation Expenses are also conducive to environmental protection and waste recycling.

    (1) Economical and practical, low investment, low energy consumption, high efficiency and quick results

    (2) Simple operation, easy installation, stable performance, durable, suitable for various venues

    (3) The way to get rich is fast, the market demand is wide, the price of raw materials is low, sufficient, and renewable

    (4) Less maintenance and simple maintenance

    The NKB220 bagging machine produced by Nick Machinery has one-key operation, compressing, unpacking and bagging continuously complete the whole process at one time, which improves the convenience of operation and production efficiency. You are welcome to buy from our website: www.nkbaler.com.
  • NKB briquetting machine is one of the many machines in the Nick family, which is specially used for the compression of wood chips, wood flour, shavings, coconut mud, peanut shells, corn stalks and other materials.

    The package is compact, neat and beautiful, greatly reduced storage space, saving storage costs, let's briefly talk about the characteristics of this machine

    1. The machine adopts PLC control system, unmanned operating system, horizontal continuous unloading, fast speed, convenient use, and automatic feeding by conveyor.

    2. The machine is mainly suitable for the compression of paper powder, paper scraps and other scraps

    3. The crushed material is compressed into a block-like object by this machine, which can be directly transported without bagging, and can be automatically scattered after being beaten by manpower.

    4. The size of the press block can be customized according to requirements

    The above are the characteristics of the NKB series briquetting press introduced by Nick Machinery. We have many models and complete types of briquetting presses. You are welcome to buy them.

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