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  • Nick multi-purpose baler (also known as mini baler, household garbage baler) is one of our versatile vertical balers. This small baler uses top-level electrical components and protective layer, not only suitable for land (such as shopping malls, retail stores, hotels, grocery stores, offices, hospitals, homes, factories), but also widely used for ships (due to the size of the machine) Small and small footprint, so it is very suitable for places with limited height and space, also commonly known as marine baler).

    Nick brand marine baler (also known as marine garbage compressor, marine garbage baler) is specially customized for marine ships. According to the different needs of customers, our marine balers are divided into standard marine balers, waterproof marine balers and explosion-proof marine balers. So far, Nick Marine Baler has been successfully installed and widely used on more than 200 ships. This reduces the occupied volume of various waste materials on the ship for long-term ships at sea. Since the implementation of the new Five MARPOL regulations in January 2013, how to store garbage on ships has become particularly important, because ships usually spend a long time at sea. With the gradual increase in the cost of waste disposal on the shore, according to the reports of many ships that have installed our marine balers, their waste disposal costs can be saved by more than 60% compared with before without the balers. Reducing the volume is equivalent to reducing the cost. Many reports show that returns can be seen in just a few months.

    This mini-type multi-purpose baler can handle various soft wastes such as cardboard, paper, cans, plastic bottles, rags, films and other packaging materials. The pressure range is from 10 tons to 20 tons, the compression ratio is as high as 12:1, the maximum size of the bale is 800 x 600 x 800 mm, and the weight of the bale is about 20 to 200 kg. Compared with other large balers, the bales produced by this mini baler are much smaller than traditional bales, so it is very convenient for storage and transportation. According to the daily waste disposal volume, we believe that there must be a model of multi-purpose household waste packing machine suitable for you.

    Nick Machinery has a variety of different models of mini Baler Machines for you to choose from. Please contact us, we will recommend the most suitable Baler Machine according to your requirements.

  • Nick Machinery's Nick brand waste magazine Baler Machine (also known as carton Baler Machine, cardboard Baler Machine) is a vertical hydraulic press specially used for packing and processing waste materials such as cardboard and cartons. This type of waste compression environmental protection machinery is widely used in waste recycling factories, cardboard production and processing centers, supermarkets, department stores, grocery stores, printing plants and other organizations that generate a large amount of waste paper/paperboard. This vertical baler can compress hundreds of cartons into bales with a maximum size of 1500*750*1000mm, and the weight can reach 500kg. The compression ratio of compressed plastic film or relatively polished cardboard can reach 12:1. The carton Baler Machine effectively reduces the storage space of waste materials and greatly reduces storage, transportation and labor costs. Waste magazine Baler Machine (also known as carton Baler Machine, cardboard Baler Machine) machine application: carton, plastic film, waste cardboard, household paper (such as old newspapers, magazines), office waste paper, corrugated paper shredded edges, waste corrugated paper, printing Waste paper edges, OCC kraft paper and other flexible packaging materials. 

    If the above-mentioned vertical hydraulic baler cannot meet your waste paper or carton recycling demand, please check Nick Machinery's automatic waste magazine baler or cardboard baler for more efficient and convenient waste recycling solutions.

  • Fixed-weight horizontal bagging machines are widely used in pet food plants, animal bedding material plants, textile material recycling plants, rag pack exporters, plant fertilizer plants and farms. This hydraulic horizontal bagging machine adopts PLC program control and one-button operation mode. The hopper is equipped with an induction switch. The size of the produced bale is different according to the model, and the size is also different, and the weight of the bale is also different. The feeding is completed, which improves work efficiency, and it is automatically bagged with plastic bags or woven bags. Specially used for wood shavings, wood chips, chopped straw/hay, shredded paper, chaff, cotton seeds, rags, peanut shells, mineral cotton fibers and other similar loose materials.

    Nick Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the research, development and sales of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery. It provides more than 140 types of balers with many models and complete categories, allowing you to buy one-stop. 86-29-86031588
  • In daily life, no matter how good the equipment is, if there is no good overhaul and maintenance awareness, it will affect the efficiency of the machine over time. Everyone knows that the nature of the metal, the shearing temperature and other factors will affect the shearing quality of the shearing machine. To a large extent, it is the lack of maintenance and maintenance awareness that will cause some unnecessary troubles. Therefore, our company has summarized the problem of shearing machine failure, so as to ensure that the machine can be solved and maintained well when the machine fails. There are mainly the following three reasons in daily life:

    In terms of oil cylinder: After the machine is powered on, the oil cylinder cannot generate pressure. At this time, it is because the liquid oil contains impurities during the oil suction process for a long time, which causes the overflow valve to be blocked. After the oil cylinder is started, the adjustment handle may become loose due to the loosening of the valve core and spring, and it is not easy to operate. During the operation, if the oil cylinder is found to be displaced, the operation must be stopped at this time, and the air in the system must be exhausted. , Reduce the air pressure inside the system, and make the system and the oil cylinder relatively vacuum state.

    Oil pump: also after the machine is started, if the oil pump does not work, check the electromagnet or replace the electromagnet. It is likely that the electromagnet loop fails due to long-term use and cannot generate magnetic force; or dust enters When the steering valve spool is reached, the spool is stuck, causing the oil pump to fail to work. This failure can be resolved by cleaning or replacing the steering valve. During the operation of the oil pump, sometimes the oil cannot be sucked due to the loosening of the adjusting handle. When checking the oil cylinder, be sure to check the valve core and spring. There is also a common phenomenon. When the oil pump is running, there will be a lot of noise or abnormal noise. At this time, it is necessary to check the problem of the oil circuit, because the oil leakage of the oil suction pipe will cause the oil pump to supply insufficient oil, and the oil pump will appear. The harsh noise.

    In terms of cutting edge: Too high or too low cutting edge will result in non-standard distance between the blade gap. During the cutting process, the cut material will be irregular and of poor quality. At the same time, if the height of the cutting blade is not adjusted properly, thin materials are easy to cut, and thicker materials cannot be cut. Therefore, adjusting the gap of the cutting blade is also a crucial factor in the cutting quality.

    The above 3 points are that you have encountered more in the process of using. Only by mastering these common faults, we will be more handy when using the shearing machine.

  • Fully automatic metal briquetting machine A new-designed aluminum scrap recycling and processing equipment is used for the aluminum scraps and aluminum shavings produced in the production process of the large-volume compression workshop, which can realize fully automated operation.

    Based on the fully automatic metal briquetting machine (door cover type), we began to develop and design the fully automatic metal briquetting machine (hopper type). The automatic hopper-type metal baler is mainly used to compress non-ferrous metals: aluminum shavings, aluminum shavings, and the density range of the finished product: 1400-1800kgs/m3

    The hydraulic system we designed adopts a frame structure. The oil pump is placed at the bottom of the oil tank. It directly extracts the hydraulic oil from the hydraulic oil tank and quickly supplies the oil to the hydraulic valve system to ensure that the hydraulic cylinder does piston movement quickly and achieves one block per minute. The theoretical design requirements of the finished product.

    As the inner lining of the compression chamber, we use high-quality wear-resistant plates as the inner lining. The overall wear-resistant lining avoids frequent replacement. We have installed a photoelectric sensor switch in the feeding hopper. When the material reaches the sensor position, the equipment will run automatically without waiting for the operation. This truly realizes automated operation and reduces manual input.

    Nick's high-end technology makes the automatic metal briquetting machine more adapt to the development of the times and provide you with better services.

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