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  • Due to the continuous development of my country's modern industrial level, the demand for semi-automatic waste paper balers is increasing. Our waste paper baler manufacturers should design and produce waste paper baler products that meet the needs of the public according to the needs of many users. Only in this way can we gain a firm foothold in the baler industry, let's analyze the use and requirements of waste paper baler!
    The purpose of the waste paper baler is actually to compress and pack loose waste paper, waste paper boxes, waste plastics, straw and other waste products, so that it can greatly reduce the volume, and is more convenient for storage and transportation, which can save the company's storage Space, reduce transportation costs and bring economic benefits to enterprises. The waste products after packaging have the following advantages:
    1. The volume is greatly reduced, the storage space is reduced, and the storage is convenient.
    2. It is more convenient to achieve fire prevention, moisture prevention and pollution prevention, which is conducive to environmental protection!
    3. Reduce transportation costs and improve economic efficiency.
    4. Sustainable development strategy conducive to resources! Requirements for waste paper baler:

    First of all, we must ensure the basic working performance of the waste paper baler, and can carry out the Baler Press production activities normally.

    Second, it can improve the efficiency of Baler Press work, so a waste paper Baler Press machine that can improve work efficiency is sure to be welcomed by the majority of users.
    Third, safety performance is a very important index for all mechanical products, and safety must be considered in place.
    Nick’s waste paper baler series products include: semi-automatic waste paper baler, fully automatic waste paper baler, small vertical waste paper baler, etc. It can also be customized according to customer’s intentions. Nick’s products always have one Suitable for you, you are welcome to inquire 86-29-86031588.

  • 1) Check whether the equipment and packaging tape are inserted correctly;
    2) Check whether the hydraulic baler is fixed and does not move;
    3) Check whether each moving part is lubricated;
    4) Check whether the power wire is damaged and the grounding is good.
    5) When the machine has serious oil leakage or abnormal phenomena during work, it should stop running immediately to analyze the cause and eliminate the fault, and it is not allowed to run it forcibly.

    6) During the operation of the machine, no repairs or contact with moving parts are allowed, and it is strictly forbidden to press materials in the bin with hands or feet.

    Nick Machinery has a professional R&D, design and after-sales team. If you encounter any difficult problems during use, you can always contact us www.nkbaler.com.
  • Garment Baler Press machine is a kind of machine mainly used for Baler Press in garment factories, garments and textiles. Can be applied to cotton, wool, waste paper, waste paper boxes, waste cardboard, yarn, tobacco, plastic, cloth, woven bags, knitted velvet, hemp, sack, tops, hair balls, cocoons, silk, hops, wheat and firewood Baler Press of all light foam and loose materials, such as, grass, waste plastic bags, etc.
    The garment baler is compact, neat and beautiful, and can greatly reduce transportation costs. It is an indispensable production tool for cotton producing areas, textile companies, supermarkets, clothing factories, waste material recycling industries, and various other light industrial enterprises.
    The composition of the clothing baler
    1. The garment Baler Press machine is composed of the main frame system, electrical control system, electrical system, and hydraulic system.

    2. Main frame system: The mechanical design of the thickened steel plate and gas-shielded cast solid frame makes the equipment durable.

    3.Hydraulic system: hydraulic pump, solenoid valve and hydraulic cylinder oil seal and other key components use accessories, which make the packaging pressure high, fast, durable, and low noise.
    Shaanxi Nick Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research, development and manufacturing of garment balers and hydraulic balers for many years, and has perfect after-sales service. For more information, please contact 86-29-86031588
  • The precautions for the use of wood chip baler are as follows:
    Correct use of machinery and equipment, earnest implementation of maintenance systems and strict compliance with safety operating procedures are necessary conditions for prolonging the service life of the machine, improving production efficiency and ensuring safe production. For this reason, it is recommended that users establish maintenance and safe operation procedures. Operators should be familiar with the machine structure and operating procedures, and must also pay attention to the following points:
    (1) The hydraulic oil added to the oil tank should be strictly high-quality anti-wear hydraulic oil, must be strictly filtered, and sufficient oil should be kept frequently, and the oil should be filled immediately when it is insufficient.
    (2) The fuel tank should be cleaned and replaced with new oil once every six months, but the cleaning and filtering of the oil should not exceed one month. The new oil that has been used once is strictly filtered and allowed to be used 
    (3) Each lubrication point of the machine should be filled with lubricating oil at least once per shift.

    (4) The debris in the material box should be cleaned up in time.

    (5) Those who do not understand the structure, performance and operating procedures of the machine without learning are not allowed to start the machine without authorization.
    (6) When the machine has serious oil leakage or abnormal phenomena during work, it should stop running immediately to analyze the cause and eliminate the fault, and it should not be forced to run with illness.
    (7) During the operation of the machine, no repairs or contact with moving parts are allowed, and it is strictly forbidden to press materials in the bin with hands or feet.
    (8) The adjustment of pumps, valves, and pressure gauges must be carried out by experienced skilled workers. If the pressure gauge is found to be faulty, the gauge should be checked or updated immediately.
    (9) The user should formulate detailed maintenance and safe operation procedures according to the specific situation.
    Nick Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of sawdust balers. It provides more than 140 types of hydraulic balers. For more information, please consult us www.nkbaler.com.

  •  1. First adjust the bagging and check the coding effect. At the same time, open the feeding system to feed. When the material meets the requirements, first open the bag of the bagging mechanism, check the vacuum and heat sealing quality of the vacuum box, and vacuum the bag. After meeting the requirements, start filling materials and start production.
     2. Turn on the cleaning system and clean the feeding system and measuring machine before production to ensure product hygiene.
     3. The operator is not allowed to adjust certain operating parameters of the garbage baler machine, such as the number of operations, various parameters of the servo and inverter. If adjustment is required, the relevant maintenance personnel or technicians should make adjustments together. In production, the operator can appropriately adjust the temperature and phase angle parameters of each temperature controller according to the actual situation, but the team leader and section chief must be notified first to ensure that all parameters of the equipment operation are controlled during the entire production process to ensure that the equipment is stable Operation to ensure normal production and normal operation of products. quality.
     4. Turn off the main power air switch, turn on the power to start, set and check the temperature of each temperature controller, roll the film intact, adjust the color mark, put a code ribbon, determine the code date and related characters, and the products produced on the same day does it reach the requirement.
     5. Operators should pay attention to the safety of themselves and others at all times during the operation, and pay special attention to the safety of heat-sealing knives, scissors, trolley parts, vacuum boxes, camshafts, measuring 
    cups, measuring cups, conveyor belts, etc., and to prevent accidents.

     6. In the production process, check the quality of the product at any time, and adjust at any time if there is any problem.

     7. If there is a problem with the equipment or the product quality is unqualified during the production process, the garbage baler machine should be turned off immediately to solve the problem. It is strictly forbidden to deal with 

    problems during the operation of the machine to prevent accidents.

     8. The operator must cut off the sanitation of the machine and equipment.
     9. The operation of the operator on the touch screen of the household machine can only be carried out with clean fingers. Do not tap or tap the touch screen with fingertips, nails or other hard objects, otherwise the touch 
    screen may be damaged due to improper operation.
     10. When debugging the machine or adjusting the quality of the bag, the quality of the packaging, the filling effect, the vehicle display bag and the packaging bag, only the manual switch can be used for debugging. When the machine is 
    running, it is strictly prohibited to perform the above debugging to avoid safety accidents.
    Nick Machinery has a professional R&D, design and after-sales team. If you encounter any difficult problems during use, you can always contact us www.nkbaler.com.
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