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  • The garment packing machine is composed of a main frame system, an electrical control system, an electrical system, and a hydraulic system.
    Main frame system: high-quality thick steel plate, gas-shielded and welded cast solid frame, advanced mechanical design makes the equipment durable.

    Hydraulic system: Imported parts are used for key components such as hydraulic pump, solenoid valve and hydraulic cylinder oil seal, which make the packing pressure high, fast, durable and low noise.

    If you need to dispose of waste clothes, please contact us, we will recommend you the most suitable packaging solution www.nkbaler.com

  • As the main product of agricultural machinery, the corn stalk machinery series not only have shredders, but also Baling Presss and balers. In fact, these machines can form a production line, or cooperate with each other, to bring great convenience to customers.
    The straw baler mainly uses hydraulic power to compress the crushed straw to reduce the volume and compress it into squares, which is convenient for transportation and storage.
    Here also talk about the straw briquetting machine, in fact, the two are different, although the principle is similar, but still very different.
    The straw baler uses baffles, jacks, piston rods and other components, which greatly reduces the area of ??straw crops. If you are a personal application, you will not feel it. If you are a manufacturer, or you have a lot of straw, Its role is still very obvious.
    Many straw crushers do not make money because the straw is relatively light, but the volume is large, and the transportation is more troublesome.
    The cost of oil and freight is very high. If you pack, pack into bags, and compress the volume, you can greatly reduce logistics costs, and the problems of expensive rent and high storage costs can also be improved.

    The straw strapping baler is the first machine that appeared in the United States. It can directly bale the straw while harvesting. In this way, it can be directly bundled and bagged after harvesting, saving a lot of trouble. Otherwise, the straw everywhere will go to man-made. The pickup will be very troublesome.

    There are also many kinds of agricultural machinery in the crop straw series, which are more efficient when used in conjunction. The straw baler produced by Nick Machinery is safe, reliable, low power consumption, economical and reasonable, easy to use, and simple to maintain and operate. It is a good helper for your production. Contact number 86-29-86031588

  • As a modern agricultural machinery and equipment, with the strong support and popularization of the country, it has attracted more and more people's attention and use, but as a highly automated machinery and equipment, you must pay attention to it during use. Operate norms to prevent accidents caused by machines injuring people.

    The NKW straw baler can be used for the production of silage for crop stems such as corn stalks and cotton stalks. It is very suitable for large, medium and small farms and various farms.

    When using the NKW straw baler, we must check whether the components are installed correctly and the degree of damage before starting. The damaged components should be replaced in time to prevent greater failures. In the formal production Before working, be sure to pay attention to idling for 3 minutes, check whether the rotation direction of the belt and the rotation direction of the click are the requirements of the factory settings, if there is a reversal, adjust the positive and negative poles of the power supply in time. In addition, do not use the iron fork to fluctuate during the operation of the machine compaction chamber to prevent the iron fork from getting stuck in the machine and causing damage to the machine, and do not use your hands to remove the garbage or waste around the machine when the machine is running. Be sure to pay attention to the direction of the wrapping machine when entering the wrapping machine after the baler is packaged, so that the wrapping machine and the baler are in parallel to prevent the bales from falling under the baler after baling and damaging the machine or smashing to the side. personnel.

    Nick reminds you that you must follow strict operating instructions during product use, which can not only protect the safety of the operator, but also reduce the loss of equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.
  • Silage is a kind of storage-stable feed made by cutting crop straws (corn stalks, etc.) when they are fresh green, chopped up, wrapped and stored, and fermented by microorganisms (recommended to use Yifuyuan straw starter). This kind of feed basically retains the original green, juicy, nutritious and other characteristics of the green feed. The main benefits of silage are:

    (1) There are abundant sources of silage raw materials. Crop stalks (such as corn stalks, etc.), various weeds, pastures, sweet potato seedlings, leaves, etc. can all be silaged.

    (2) The silage is rich in nutrients. During production, the whole straw (including stalks, stems, and leaves) can be used for silage, and the green color and leaves of the straw can be preserved. Therefore, most of the nutrients (over 85%) in crop straws can be preserved, and the loss of crude protein and carotene is also small (normal green fodder loses 30% to 40% of nutrients and almost all vitamins after drying). 

    (3) Because the silage is soft, juicy, sweet and sour, and has good palatability, it is very suitable for feeding cattle and sheep, and cattle and sheep also like to eat; and can promote the secretion of digestive glands, which is useful for improving the digestibility of feed. Good function.

    (4) The production method of silage is simple and cost-effective. It is not restricted by climate and season. The nutritional value of forage can be preserved for a long time (for many years) without changing. So to meet the needs of cattle and sheep feeding green feed in winter and spring (or throughout the year)

    (5) Silage can make full use of the abundant local forage resources, especially the use of a large amount of corn stalk silage to feed cattle and sheep, which can greatly reduce the waste of corn stalks.

    The silage baler produced by Nick Machinery is safe, reliable, low power consumption, economical and reasonable, easy to use, and simple to maintain and operate. It is a good helper for your production. Welcome to buy 86-29-86031588
  • The silage corn stalk baler is a basic and widely used packaging machinery and equipment, but it does not change and innovate independently, which always makes the sales market boring, and cannot produce mystery and technological elements. Therefore, the charm of independent innovation is aimed at corn. The development trend in the field of straw balers is also particularly important. Nowadays, the development trend of the sales market has always been clearly stated with a large number of upgrade regulations, and in response to various regulations, the company must also make personal efforts for this kind of development trend in the sales market.
    Green storage is a way of using industrial equipment to store straw or concentrated feed. It is a new forage green storage technology developed and designed based on the basic scientific research of traditional green storage. The crushed green storage raw materials are used with a baler to develop a high-density tamping baler, thereby creating a natural environment for anaerobic fermentation to produce alcohol and carry out the whole process of lactic acid fermentation.

    High and new technology is popular, good corn stalk balers need to be built with new technology applications. After the development trend, everyone’s logical thinking has become common, and their knowledge has become wider and wider, especially in the green storage of concentrated feed. Big improvements. From the perspective of the straw baler industry, everyone’s technology has changed from imitating digestion and absorption to the current independent research and development. The requirements of the sales market have stimulated the straw baler manufacturers and promoted the improvement of technological progress. The production process of the corn stalk balers has been improved, and the straw balers are inevitably applicable to the application of new technologies.

    Nick's high-end technology makes the straw hydraulic baler more adapt to the development of the times and provide you with better services. For more, please pay attention to www.nkbaler.com
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