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  • 1. There are ten grades of squeezing force of scrap iron baler from 100 tons to 400 tons for users to choose, and the production efficiency ranges from 4 tons/hour to 50 tons/hour.

    2. All models adopt hydraulic drive (or diesel drive), and can choose manual or PLC automatic control operation; the discharging mode of the machine body can choose different methods such as turning over, pushing or taking out manually.

    3. The size of the compression chamber, the shape and size of the block and the size of the model can be designed and customized according to user requirements. The scrap iron baler has simple and durable structure, convenient operation, affordable price, low investment and high return. It is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs!

    4. It is easy to install, no need to fix the feet, and diesel engine can be used as power in places without power supply.


    If you are interested in Nick Machinery's scrap iron baler, please contact us, we will provide the best solution according to your needs. www.nkbaler.com

  • I believe everyone knows the automatic waste paper baler very well. Today, I will introduce you to the environmental impact of the fully automatic waste paper baler.

    The automatic waste paper baler is very important to environmental protection, and we are to make an environmentally friendly waste paper baler. At present, wood pulp, the raw material for papermaking, is mainly derived from natural forests in China. The massive consumption of paper has not only caused a sharp decrease in forest area, but also caused serious pollution of rivers and lakes due to the production of pulp and sewage. The wear and tear of the fully automatic waste paper baler within the allowable limit specified in the design becomes the normal wear and tear of the waste paper baler. This kind of wear is generally in the initial stage, because the new friction surface has a certain roughness, the real contact surface is small, and the wear is faster. This is the so-called running-and-matching stage. As the surface is gradually flattened and the real contact area increases, the waste paper baler gradually enters a normal and stable wear stage. The friction surface wears slightly and slowly and stably.

    Many baler manufacturers seize this opportunity, use high-tech achievements to gradually improve the performance of fully automatic waste paper baler equipment, and develop more and more comprehensive equipment, showing its very obvious advantages, allowing more Of users are becoming more and more recognized!

    Although through the joint efforts of manufacturers of automatic waste paper balers, we have made great progress in production technology, but we cannot be complacent about this. There is still a lot of room for improvement in automatic waste paper balers, so we still have to Continue to learn advanced production technology and advanced production concepts at home and abroad to create more professional automatic waste paper baler equipment. The oil leakage of the automatic waste paper baler is relatively serious. If the oil pump pressure is adjusted too high, the wear of moving parts will increase the sealing gap, the sealing device will be damaged, and the viscosity of the oil used in the waste paper baler will be too low, etc., which will increase the leakage. After identifying the cause, take corresponding measures to eliminate it.

    The series of waste paper balers produced by Nick Company include: semi-automatic waste paper balers, automatic waste paper balers, horizontal waste paper balers, small vertical waste paper balers, etc., and can also be customized according to customer's intentions. , NIck Baler product always has a suitable one for you, you are welcome to inquire 86-29-86031588.

  • Waste paper boxes, automatic waste paper baler capacity hydraulic baler can pack waste paper according to user needs. Waste plastics, beverage bottles, cans, straws, straws, etc., create high economic benefits for users.
    The same baler equipment is sometimes found when the raw materials are sufficient. The working hours are also the same, but the final output is very different. In fact, this is what we are going to talk about today to make the production capacity of the baler more efficient.

    I definitely hope that the higher the working efficiency of the hydraulic baler, the better, but how to do it better, pay attention to the following issues;

    1. Feed materials at a uniform speed as much as possible. Generally, large balers are equipped with conveyor belts. The capacity of the equipment with too little material can not be used, resulting in no-load operation; long-term delivery of too large may cause the oil temperature of the hydraulic cylinder to rise too quickly, and reduce the pressure of the hydraulic system, which is undesirable.

    2. It should be noted that the production power cannot exceed the load specified by the manufacturer, and the operation should be carried out according to the operation manual of the equipment. Any unusual circumstances encountered during the production process should be handled and observed in a timely manner.

    3. It is necessary to continuously observe the market and provide guidance from general urban manufacturers in terms of production technology. Actively study and innovate advanced technology, and strive to improve production technology to a higher level.

    4. The maintenance and maintenance of waste paper baler is the key to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment. Fully automatic waste paper baler capacity waste paper baler uses hydraulic drive method. Pay attention to the timely replacement of hydraulic oil and the regular replacement of hydraulic parts of the cylinder.

    Nick Machinery specializes in the production of various waste paper balers, which are suitable for waste paper recycling stations of various specifications. The waste paper baler has advanced technology, reliable quality and stable performance. www.nkbaler.com

  • After the parts of the waste paper baler are worn out, the original structure shape and size will be changed, the accuracy of the machine will be reduced, the strength will be weakened, the parts will fail, and the automatic waste paper baler will be scrapped. Among the scrapped automatic waste paper baler parts, about 80% are caused by wear. Therefore, in the design of the automatic waste paper baler, we always strive to improve the wear resistance of the parts and reduce the wear of the parts as much as possible. There are many vibration sources that change over time on the waste paper baler, such as backlash meshing of gears, eccentric rotation of uranium, and so on.

    When the vibration frequency of the waste paper baler or parts is close to or equal to the frequency of the periodic interference force, resonance will occur, which is called the loss of vibration stability. Resonance not only affects the normal operation of the automatic waste paper baler, but also produces noise, and even causes the destruction of the automatic waste paper baler. Strength is the basic calculation criterion to measure the working ability of automatic waste paper baler parts. In order for the parts to work normally, without fracture, excessive residual deformation and fatigue failure during work, the parts must have sufficient strength. The parts of the automatic waste paper baler must meet the strength conditions. The direct influence factors of output power: packaging type standards, different types of output values, and different standards directly determine the output power of the packaging machine. The production efficiency of traditional waste paper baler is higher than that of export equipment with door.

    Some parts of the waste paper baler require increased wear resistance, and wear cannot be avoided. Therefore, it is necessary to do wear-resistant treatment on certain parts of the frame. After many tests in this area, Nick Machinery has found a way to reduce wear and tear. Then the overall service life of the waste paper baler has been advanced. If you have any questions about the use of waste paper baler, please feel free to contact us, www.nkbaler.com.

  • 1. The photoelectric switch of the feed box should be cleaned regularly.

    2. The waste paper baler with unloading platform should also ensure that there is no metal debris and garbage blockage around the packaging platform.

    3. Keep the area around the electric control cabinet clean.

    4. The push rod pulley track of the waste paper baler should be kept clean.

    5. The periphery of the waste paper baler tank and valve block should be clean.

    6. The conveyor belt chain should be cleaned regularly.

    The above is a small coup provided by Nick Machinery for the cleaning of waste paper balers. For more information about waste paper balers, please follow www.nkbaler.com

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