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Nick Machinery takes everyone to understand the waste paper recycling process?
Author : admin Time : 2021-08-31 AllPageView : 311
The process of waste paper recycling is roughly as follows:
1. Waste Recycling Station
The waste recycling station is the first link in the waste paper supply chain. Workers collecting waste paper collect waste paper and sell it to waste collection stations. The waste collection station will classify and pack different waste paper materials according to the price, etc., and the waste paper after being packaged by the waste paper baler will be sold to the paper pulp mill.
2. The pulping section of the paper mill.
The process of waste paper pulping is crushing, screening, deinking, rinsing and so on.
It's just that the raw materials of the waste paper are mixed. Some waste bins have staples, some waste paper has a plastic film layer, and some have glue and ink.
These impurities will be removed in the pulping process according to their own characteristics. Large pieces of impurities are separated by the screen of the pulper. The heavy sand iron nails are removed by the descaling device, the ink is dispersed by the deinking agent and then floated, the adhesive is removed by the light slag table, and the small particles that have not been removed are heated and dispersed into small particles under the action of chemical substances. Absorbed by fibers.
After a series of screening and purification, waste paper has changed from domestic waste such as cardboard boxes and magazines into paper pulp.
3. Paper machine.
Waste paper raw materials are often recycled many times, and the quality is unstable. Therefore, the waste paper pulp of the papermaking machine is mixed with raw fibers to produce high-quality paper. This waste paper will be made into copy paper, cardboard base paper, etc. Again, it is used as a raw material for low-end paper.
4. Paper processing plant
The processing plant will purchase raw paper for processing according to the end use. These papers will be processed into cartons and packaging through different processing methods for daily use, such as printing, film coating, film coating, bronzing, die cutting, box gluing, etc.

This is the process of recycling waste paper.

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