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The structure and characteristics of a large tobacco baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-08-31 AllPageView : 326
The large tobacco leaf baler adopts the principle of mechanics. 3 tightly packed oil cylinders make the compressed material tighter to a large extent, and the packed bag is more regular and denser. It is controlled by a control screen console and a microcomputer PLC control. It is simple, clear and clear at a glance. Computer error correction function, powerful disperser device. Specialized by-products, stable performance, and durable.
Features of Large Tobacco Leaf Baler:
1. Horizontal structure, feeding by conveyor belt, saving time, effort and convenience;   
2. Button operation, PLC control;   
3. The standby power is adjusted according to the machine model and actual production requirements;   
4. The conveyor can be selected according to user requirements, with large conveying capacity, abrasion resistance, strong load capacity and anti-slipping function;   
5. The Baling Press length can be set freely, and the microcomputer accurately records the Baling Press value and efficiency.

Large-scale tobacco leaf baler is used to squeeze forage and similar products under normal conditions, and use special packaging tape to pack into shape, so that its volume is greatly reduced, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing transportation volume, saving freight, and increasing benefits for enterprises. It can also be applied to crushed wheat straw, rice straw, cotton stalk, straw, corn cob, wheat stalk, sorghum stalk, corn stalk, hemp stalk, rice husk, sawdust, wood chips, wood chips, bamboo chips, cotton seed husks, tobacco leaves, peanut shells , Leaves, branches and other crops.

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