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  • The bagging blocker is suitable for sawdust, shavings, rice husks, medicinal materials, dried peppers, cottonseed husks, peanut husks, corn cobs, hay, mineral wool and other loose materials that cannot be bundled and crushed peanut seedlings and beans for animal feed. Seedlings, sweet potato seedlings, wheat stalks, rice straw, natural grasses, lysium chinensis, alkali grass, green hay, corn grass, bread grass, coarse health, fine chaff, etc., greatly reducing waste storage space, saving 80% of stacking space, and reducing transportation Expenses are also conducive to environmental protection and waste recycling.

    (1) Economical and practical, low investment, low energy consumption, high efficiency and quick results

    (2) Simple operation, easy installation, stable performance, durable, suitable for various venues

    (3) The way to get rich is fast, the market demand is wide, the price of raw materials is low, sufficient, and renewable

    (4) Less maintenance and simple maintenance

    The NKB220 bagging machine produced by Nick Machinery has one-key operation, compressing, unpacking and bagging continuously complete the whole process at one time, which improves the convenience of operation and production efficiency. You are welcome to buy from our website: www.nkbaler.com.
  • NKB briquetting machine is one of the many machines in the Nick family, which is specially used for the compression of wood chips, wood flour, shavings, coconut mud, peanut shells, corn stalks and other materials.

    The package is compact, neat and beautiful, greatly reduced storage space, saving storage costs, let's briefly talk about the characteristics of this machine

    1. The machine adopts PLC control system, unmanned operating system, horizontal continuous unloading, fast speed, convenient use, and automatic feeding by conveyor.

    2. The machine is mainly suitable for the compression of paper powder, paper scraps and other scraps

    3. The crushed material is compressed into a block-like object by this machine, which can be directly transported without bagging, and can be automatically scattered after being beaten by manpower.

    4. The size of the press block can be customized according to requirements

    The above are the characteristics of the NKB series briquetting press introduced by Nick Machinery. We have many models and complete types of briquetting presses. You are welcome to buy them.

  • The hydraulic baler includes a bracket, the bracket has a bottom plate and front and rear side baffles, a jack is installed on the bracket, the jack has a piston rod, the right end of the piston rod is connected with a vertical pusher plate, and the right side of the pusher plate is connected with a pusher Slats, the gap between adjacent pusher slats is a rope groove on the board; there is an upper baffle on the right part of the bracket, and the bracket on the left side of the upper baffle has a feed inlet; front and rear sides The brackets on the right side of the baffle are respectively fixedly connected with front and rear side barriers, and the gap between adjacent side barriers is a rope threading opening; the right end of the bracket has a discharging port, and the right end of the bracket at the discharging port is hinged with a door panel. Door slats are connected to the left side, and the gap between adjacent door slats is the rope groove on the door; the cavity enclosed by the front and rear side baffle, the pusher plate and the bottom plate is the feed cavity, and the front and rear side baffle bars and pressing materials The cavity enclosed by the upper baffle, the door plate and the bottom plate is a squeezing cavity; the door plate and the right end of the bracket are fixedly connected with a locking device. And the size of the package can be adjusted within a certain range according to needs.

    The above is a brief introduction to the structure of the horizontal baler. If you want to know more about the horizontal baler, you can always pay attention to our homepage www.nkbaler.com and more content is waiting for you.

  • The plastic baler can pack waste plastic bottles, improve work efficiency, save manpower, and play a vital role in environmental protection of plastic bottle recycling. In this issue, we will introduce the plastic baler!

    In the process of recycling plastic bottles, handy packaging equipment is often inseparable. A small city generates hundreds of thousands of plastic bottle garbage every day. If it is pulled by a truck, there are four or five. In fact, plastic bottles are large in size and piled too loosely. If a horizontal hydraulic baler is used for compression and packing, it can be easily loaded in a car, and the packing efficiency of the horizontal hydraulic baler is also quite high, which can process 6-20 tons of plastic bottle waste in one hour. The use of the horizontal hydraulic baler makes the huge and messy beverage bottle stacks particularly neat. The horizontal waste paper hydraulic baler is compact, neat and beautiful, and also greatly reduces the site cost and transportation cost. The packed plastic bottles have regular shapes and are neatly placed. The emergence of safe horizontal hydraulic balers in storage and transportation has brought many benefits to our daily lives, especially in the recycling and reuse of resources. The horizontal hydraulic baler can meet the demand for energy saving, and can provide resource services for the operation of the agricultural and sideline products processing industry. Moreover, the full-automatic horizontal hydraulic baler has a wide range of applications, and can be applied to the packaging of all light foam and loose materials such as waste paper, waste paper boxes, waste cardboard, straw, bark, and waste plastic bags. It can solve the problem of a large amount of waste accumulation and disposal, which not only compresses the storage space, but also facilitates transportation and saves costs. Therefore, this machine has been favored by more and more customers.

    The fully automatic hydraulic baler produced by Nick Machinery provides automatic bundling, unmanned operation, fast speed, simple structure, stable action, low failure rate and easy cleaning. Welcome to purchase.

  • Horizontal hydraulic baler is a good helper for silage in the livestock breeding industry. At the same time played a very important role. Many farmers in farms used silos to store feed for cattle and sheep in winter, which greatly increased the manpower and labor if the silos were not properly sealed. Will waste the entire pond of feed. The horizontal hydraulic baler that processes corn stalks into a size suitable for cattle and sheep, and then compacts the stalks (with a density of up to 400 kg per cubic meter) into square bales, which are convenient for storage and transportation. 
    The purpose of silage compaction is to reduce the air in straw silage and reach an anaerobic environment as soon as possible to facilitate the fermentation process of acid-producing bacteria and avoid the growth of harmful molds. Therefore, compaction is required when silage straws. Sealing with a vacuum bag is on the one hand to prevent outside air from entering, and the horizontal hydraulic baler is not affected by ultraviolet rays, which affects the anaerobic fermentation process of acid-producing bacteria; on the other hand, it is to prevent foreign bacteria from entering and causing secondary fermentation of straw.

    The emergence of the horizontal hydraulic baler allows our cattle and sheep to eat more nutritious feed in winter so that the cattle and sheep can thrive. The operation of the horizontal hydraulic baler can be completed by only 3 people, without a large number of people. We will not waste our feed, one time investment, return. why not?

    Choosing Nick Machinery hydraulic baler, independent hydraulic system, servo system control, is the best choice to help you solve and recycle waste. Contact number 86-29-86031588
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