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Features and uses of waste cotton baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-09-01 AllPageView : 341
Features: high-density, fast, long bag type, three-door, single-sided threading, compression packaging without packaging (or packaged soft bag).
Uses: Mainly used for waste paper and straw, but also for compressing and Baling Press soft materials such as coconut palm, cotton seed, clothing, towels, blankets, cloth, quilts, woven bags, etc.
Uses of waste cotton baler: Mainly used in cotton spinning mills to recycle useful fibers in the bottom cotton, such as various waste cotton waste cotton baler such as clear steel noils, cut flowers, etc. Product features: this machine has a good impurity removal effect for processing waste cotton. The advantages of high product volume.

Nick Machinery has strong technical force and complete production and testing equipment. The company has modern large-scale workshops and adopts modern enterprise management mode. The company has more than ten national patents. Nick Machinery 400 cotton baler, Nick's leading products: waste cotton baler, waste cotton dregs baler, baler, semi-automatic baler, fully automatic baler, semi-automatic waste paper baler, fully automatic hydraulic baler, multifunctional hydraulic baler Machine, hydraulic baler price, Nick cotton waste baler, baler price, waste cotton hydraulic baler, hydraulic baler technical parameters, hydraulic baler pictures, waste cotton baler, Shandong hydraulic baler, coconut palm production equipment, eight major There are more than fifty varieties in the series.

After-sales service guarantee for waste cotton baler, one-year warranty replacement, long-term service of spare parts. The bin volume and maximum nominal pressure of Nick Machinery's waste cotton baler can be specially customized according to customer requirements. The price is cost-effective and the quality is guaranteed. To win new and old customers to patronize again, choose us to make you satisfied and assured.www.nkbaler.net
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