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India automatic waste paper baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-11-23 AllPageView : 277
The automatic waste paper baler can help us quickly pack waste paper, and it is a fast and effective convenient machine. But the daily maintenance work of the automatic waste paper baler is also very heavy, especially in the moisture-proof work. So why do we need to conduct moisture-proof maintenance on the automatic waste paper baler? Today we will briefly introduce to you why the automatic waste paper baler should pay attention to moisture:
1. Water has a corrosive effect on the metal materials, polymer materials and textile materials of the hydraulic drive of the automatic waste paper baler, reducing the use of electronic components, and causing inhalable particles to corrode and fall into the system software, causing damage.

2. Accelerate the moldy of oil stains, and inhalable particles such as iron, copper, manganese, etc. are stored. Oxygen in the water and air will oxidize the oil stained air to form a viscous polymer, collectively referred to as oil stains. When the application temperature exceeds 65°C, the air oxidation rate increases, and the organic chemical effect increases rapidly for every 10°C increase.

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