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  • The domestic waste baler is one of the main processing equipment in the classification and treatment of urban domestic waste, and it is also the main equipment for reducing the volume of waste.
    The domestic garbage baler is to process and pack the classified garbage through the hydraulic control system, which can better realize the volume reduction and collection of garbage transportation.
    The design and development of a complete mechanical system should proceed from the overall requirements of the system.
    After understanding the functional requirements, performance requirements, data requirements and resource requirements of the system, the design and development are carried out after the goals of the overall design are clarified.
    According to this design idea, it is necessary to first analyze the requirements of the municipal solid waste baler, and design the overall mechanism and the operation process of the entire set of equipment.

    The analysis of the design requirements of the domestic waste baler system mainly includes: the analysis of functional requirements, process parameter requirements, performance requirements and resource requirements.

    NICKBALER supports product customization, available from stock, and supports customized production models and specifications. For details, please call 86-29-86031588
  • Straw baler is mainly used for Baler and compressing crop straw materials such as wheat straw, corn stalk, rice straw, sorghum stalk, fungus grass, etc.
    So, how much is a straw baler, and how much is the price of a straw baler?
    1. The straw baler with high degree of automation has relatively high working efficiency, but the relative price is also relatively expensive.
    2. The size of the straw baler is different and the price is also different. The larger the baler, the higher the price, and the faster the baler per unit time. We can choose the size of the baler according to our needs.
    3. You can choose a good baler according to the brand of the baler. The brand effect is popular with many customers. The brand is good. The quality of the baler is relatively high in the market, so try to buy the brand when you buy it. Baler.
    When choosing a straw baler, you need to shop around. It is not only the price, but also the quality of the baler, market reputation and after-sales service.

    NICKBALER straw baler has small investment, fast profitability, and very simple actual operation. It is the best choice for your equipment project. https://www.nkbaler.net

  • As the price of waste paper continues to rise, sales of fully automatic hydraulic balers are picking up. Some customers have inquired about second-hand waste paper balers. The following NICKBALER analyzes for you whether second-hand waste paper balers can be purchased?
    Have the conditions to buy a second-hand waste paper baler:
    1. Familiar with the principle of machinery and equipment, be able to correctly judge the working principle of the waste paper baler and troubleshooting.
    2. Know the place of origin of vulnerable parts and accessories, maintenance and repair of electronic valves, stoppers, and hydraulic pumps to ensure that you can get the accessories at the factory price.
    3. The price of buying a second-hand waste paper baler is low, which is basically the same as the price of buying scrap iron, but slightly higher.
    You must be 100% sure of the above points before you dare to buy a second-hand baler and be responsible for the repair and maintenance costs incurred, which far exceed the capital investment of the new machine.
    The manufacturer recommends that you choose a new waste paper baler. The new manufacturer is responsible for site design, installation, and technical training are free of charge. In addition, the warranty is one year, and the motor reducer and other parts are guaranteed for three years, eliminating your worries.

    The NICKBALER waste paper baler has a hydraulic door opening and closing device and a unique remote control system, which makes the operation safe and convenient. https://www.nkbaler.net

  • I believe most people know about carton Balers and have bought carton Balers. Sometimes carton Balers are

    expensive and many people are reluctant to buy them. Today, let’s learn about the reasons for the high price of carton


    The high prices of carton Balers are mainly manifested in the following aspects.

    1. The current carton Balers have been changed according to the changes of the times. In the material requirements

    of the machine itself, basically stainless steel is used, which has good durability.

    2. In order to follow the pace of the times, a PLC control system is adopted, not to mention the simple operation, and

    the speed of Baler can be adjusted freely.

    3. The newly developed circuit system is used to improve the speed and accuracy of the machine.

    4. High degree of automation, can realize fast production and packaging.

    5. It has a wide range of applications and can pack many cartons, waste paper, plastic bottles, etc.

    NICKBALER carton Baler is suitable for places with a lot of materials, which can reduce labor expenditure and improve

    work efficiency. https://www.nkbaler.net

  • With the development of the recycling industry, more and more people tend to open waste paper Baler stations to earn

    profits. Of course, the production of waste paper Baler stations is inseparable from the waste paper balers. The

    waste paper balers are selected. Only the benefit of the paper Baler station can go up.

    Many people say that they have consulted several manufacturers in the market, and the prices vary greatly. Why is this?

    1. Different manufacturing processes

    The manufacturing process of each manufacturer is different, and the cost and quality of production materials are very

    different, so the quotations are naturally different. This is the so-called "you get what you pay for."

    2. Regional price levels

    Each region has different price levels and different populations. Therefore, the input of labor and accessories is large,

    which makes the quotations different. For example, the price level in Henan Province is relatively low, and the

    concentration of manufacturers is highly competitive, so the quotations here are low.

    3. Is there any after-sales service

    When comparing prices, the cost-effectiveness of the equipment reflects its after-sales service. If there is no guarantee

    in the later period, then the immediate benefits will be lost due to small losses.

    The NICKBALER carton Baler uses hydraulic drive, which is easy to operate, stable and reliable, and easy to

    maintain. https://www.nkbaler.net

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