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  • 1. Using straw molding technology to make briquette fuel
    2. Can be used as fertilizer
    3. Can also be used as livestock feed

    The emergence of straw Baling Machine not only solves the problems of difficult storage and transportation of straw, but also saves resources, so it is favored by people.

    NICKBALER is to turn a large amount of green waste into treasure and give full play to new economic value, which not only protects the environment, improves the soil, but also creates good economic benefits. https://www.nickbaler.net
  • Under normal working conditions, the service life of the plastic bottle baler can reach 8 to 10 years, of course, this has an inevitable relationship with the daily workload.
    Any mechanical equipment has a certain lifespan. If we want the machine to create more value for us, then we must check and maintain it from time to time on weekdays. Only by properly maintaining the plastic bottle baler, it Only then can we create more profits.
    First of all: we must pay attention to maintaining the cleanliness of the working environment, conduct certain inspections after working for a certain period of time, and deal with early detection and early treatment.

    Secondly, regular maintenance of the whole machine and regular maintenance of the plastic bottle baler can effectively prolong its service life and work efficiency and avoid the occurrence of machine failures.

    NICKBALER has a mature after-sales service system, 7 * 24 hours professional hotline service 86-29-86031588, quickly help you solve any incurable diseases, is your best choice!
  • Due to the high degree of integration, https://www.nkbaler.net/ saves manpower and greatly increases the baling efficiency. However, if there is a lot of noise during the Baling machine process, which greatly affects the working environment, What is the reason for the noise of the automatic waste paper baler?
    1. Check whether the pilot valve (cone valve) is worn and whether it can be tightly fitted with the valve seat. If it is not normal, the pilot valve head should be replaced.
    2. Check whether the pressure regulating spring of the pilot valve is deformed and twisted. If it is twisted, replace the spring or replace the pilot valve head.
    3. Check whether the oil pump and the motor coupling are installed concentrically and centered. If they are not concentric, they should be adjusted.
    4. Check whether there is vibration in the equipment pipeline, and add sound insulation and vibration damping pipe clamps where there is vibration.
    5. The joints at the oil confluence of the dual-pump or multi-pump combined oil supply should be reasonable, otherwise vibration and noise will be generated due to eddy current cavitation.

    Although the appearance of the problem is that the noise is loud, the actual reason cannot be one. During our daily use, we must do a good job of daily maintenance, and at the same time, check whether there are any parts of the machine for unusual problem.

    For more information on the maintenance and safe operation of the automatic baler, please pay attention to the website of NKBALER Company: https://www.nkbaler.net/.
  • Today Nick shares with you some maintenance methods about the touch screen of the hydraulic baler.
    1. The operator who uses the hydraulic baler must be familiar with the system principle, master the system action sequence and the adjustment method of each component.
    2. Before starting the equipment, check whether all motion mechanisms and solenoid valves are in the original state, and check the liquid level in the oil tank. If the oil volume is insufficient, do not start the hydraulic pump.
    3. Generally, the oil temperature should be controlled within the range of 35-55 degrees. In winter, when the temperature in the mailbox reaches 25 degrees, it is not allowed to start the sequential actions of the actuators. The heater should be turned on first for heating, or the oil pump should be started to run the pump empty. In summer, when the oil temperature is higher than 60 degrees, cooling measures should be taken, pay close attention to the heating of the system, and stop the pump in time if there is a problem.
    4. The hydraulic baler that has been shut down for more than 4 hours should run the pump empty for 5-10 minutes before starting to work, and then work under pressure.
    5. Please inject 25 kg of gear oil before starting the machine (one refueling can be used continuously for more than 10 years), and then tighten the plug of the oil filling hole of the hydraulic baler after refueling.
    6. Carefully check the power lines to prevent trouble spots and leakage, and ensure safe power usage.
    7. Carefully check the machine motor of the hydraulic baler, the bolts and screws of the connecting parts of the transmission parts can be consolidated, and whether there is looseness, so as to be tightened in time.
    8. After turning on the machine, idle for 1 minute to check whether the hydraulic baler machine rotates normally. When it is normal, feed a small amount of material, and wait for the remaining material in the machine to be discharged before it can be loaded evenly.
    9. Before loading, be sure to pay attention to the hard debris in the raw materials, and prevent stones, iron blocks, etc. from entering the silo to avoid damage to the machine.

    10. The oil filling on the universal joint must be refueled once every 8 hours of operation, and 2-3 drops of oil can be filled at a time. Please put a little wet material before shutting down, so that the material can be discharged smoothly after starting the next day.

    The above is the maintenance method of the hydraulic baler touch screen shared by NICKBALER. If you encounter problems in the process of using the hydraulic baler, you can always contact us at 86-29-86031588
  • The waste paper baler is used to squeeze the waste paper baler and similar products firmly under normal conditions, and pack them with special packaging tapes to greatly reduce the volume, thereby reducing the transportation volume, saving freight, and increasing benefits for the enterprise. 2022 new waste paper baler features
    1. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, small motion inertia, low noise, stable motion and flexible operation.
    2. Horizontal structure, can be equipped with conveyor belt feeding or manual feeding.
    3. PLC control, with man-machine interface (touch screen) and inspection monitoring.
    4. The floating necking design in the left, right and upper directions is conducive to automatic distribution of pressure on all sides, and can be widely used for packaging of different materials.
    5. Automatic Baling Machine to improve packing speed.
    6. The spherical structure is used between the pushing cylinder and the pushing head, which has good reliability and long service life of the oil seal.
    7. The feeding port is equipped with a distributed shearing knife, which has high shearing efficiency.
    8. Low noise hydraulic circuit design, high efficiency and low failure.
    9. Easy to install, no foundation required.

    10. It has a wide range of applications. It can be used not only as a packaging equipment for waste paper balers, but also as a processing equipment for packaging and compaction of similar products.

    The emergence of the waste paper baler has brought a lot of convenience to the waste paper baling station, which not only saves space, but also saves a lot of human resources. Nick Machinery is a professional manufacturer of balers, our website is https://www.nickbaler.net.
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