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What is the reason why the baler makes excessive noise when working?
Author : admin Time : 2024-02-02 AllPageView : 54
If the hydraulic system makes excessive noise when the baler is working, it may be caused by the following reasons:
1. Hydraulic pump failure: The hydraulic pump is the heart of the hydraulic system. If the internal parts of the pump are worn or damaged, it may cause abnormal noise when the pump is working. The condition of the pump needs to be checked and damaged parts replaced.
2. Air entering the system: If air is mixed into the hydraulic system, it will cause cavitation and produce noise. The air in the system needs to be removed to ensure that the hydraulic oil fills the entire system.
3. Insufficient or contaminated hydraulic oil: Insufficient hydraulic oil or contaminated oil can also cause noise. The oil level and quality of the hydraulic oil should be checked, and the hydraulic oil should be added or replaced if necessary.
4. Relief valve problem: The relief valve is used to control system pressure. If it is improperly adjusted or damaged, it may cause abnormal system pressure and produce noise. It is necessary to check the working status of the relief valve and make appropriate adjustments or replacements.
5. Pipeline vibration: The pipelines of the hydraulic system are unstable or there are foreign objects in the pipelines, which may cause vibration and noise when the system is working. The fixation of the pipeline and internal cleanliness should be checked.
6. Directional control valve failure: The directional control valve is used to control the flow of hydraulic oil. If the valve is worn or stuck, it may cause noise during operation. The valve needs to be inspected and repaired.

7. Mechanical friction: Friction between mechanical components may also produce noise, especially under high pressure, where the interaction force between components increases. The lubrication condition of each component should be checked to ensure good lubrication.

When a hydraulic baler has noise problems, it should be stopped immediately for inspection to find out the specific cause of the noise and carry out corresponding repairs. Regular maintenance and inspection can prevent noise problems and ensure the normal operation and service life of the baler.
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