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  • NICKBALER's NKW1600BD baler adopts a closed structure, which makes the package compact, neat and beautiful.
    Semi-automatic baling machine is suitable for packaging of loose materials such as waste paper, plastic, lint, waste paper boxes, cotton yarn, packaging bags, knitted velvet, sacks, silk, hops, wheat straw waste, etc.
    The package outlet adopts the design of double hydraulic cylinders to open the door, which is tighter and denser than the traditional "doorless" package;
    Working method: strong hydraulic Baling Machine, machine threading and manual trapping.
    Bottom structure: roller track
    Bag push system: Roller device is used to effectively improve the speed of bag push

    It can be equipped with a conveyor line to realize fully automatic conveying of materials and improve production efficiency

    NICKBALER has accumulated rich experience in the use of semi-automatic baling machine, and has mastered relevant skills and knowledge, follow us at https://www.nickbaler.net
  • The hydraulic baler is mainly composed of the main frame system, hydraulic system and auxiliary components.
    Hydraulic baler frame system: high-quality thickened steel plate with gas shielded welding to cast a solid frame, advanced mechanical design makes the equipment durable.
    Hydraulic baler hydraulic system: The key components such as hydraulic pump, solenoid valve and hydraulic cylinder oil seal use imported accessories, which make the baling pressure high, fast, durable and low noise.

    Hydraulic baler electric control system (optional): original domestic electric control, travel switch, button, quality assurance.

    NICKBALER has a professional R&D design and after-sales team. If you encounter any difficult problems during use, you can contact us at any time https://www.nickbaler.net
  • 1. The hydraulic system of the waste paper baler is the main cause of noise. For example, the valve core is caused by improper matching between the slide valve and the valve hole, or the contact between the poppet valve and the valve seat is stuck by dirt, the damping hole is blocked, the spring is skewed or invalid, etc. Stuck or cannot move in the valve hole, causing system pressure fluctuations and noise.
    2. Improper adjustment of the reversing valve of the waste paper baler makes the spool of the reversing valve move too fast, causing reversing impact, resulting in noise and vibration. 

    3. The vibrating oil pipe of the waste paper packaging machinery is slender and has many elbows without being fixed. When the oil flow passes through, especially when the flow rate is high, it is easy to cause the pipe to vibrate, the rotating parts of the motor and hydraulic pump are unbalanced, or the installation When the alignment is not good, or the coupling is loose, etc., vibration and noise can be generated.

    NICKBALER has a professional R&D design and after-sales team. If you encounter any difficult problems during use, you can contact us at any time https://www.nickbaler.net
  • ICKBALER will share with you: How to install and debug the baler? Hope to be of some help to you. The debugging method is as follows:
    the first method:
    1. After the machine is installed, turn on the power supply of the baler, test the machine with no load, loosen the system overflow valve to make the system overflow squarely, start the motor (the method of stopping after starting), and check the direction of the motor. Can the steering be different from the oil pump sign.
    2. Start the motor and check whether the oil pump is stable and reliable during operation. There is no obvious noise in the pump, if not, stop the test machine work.
    3. Gradually adjust the relief valve handle of the waste paper hydraulic baler, so that the pressure value is about 8Mpa, and operate according to the operation sequence.
    4. Stop single action for each oil cylinder to see if it runs smoothly and without vibration, and gradually adjust the parallelism of the main pressure cylinder and side pressure cylinder with the bottom plate and side frame, fix the main pressure cylinder and side pressure cylinder, and use the adjustment support. The seat supports the rear of the cylinder.
    The second method: load test machine
    1. It is necessary to adjust the system pressure of the waste paper baler, so that the pressure value is about 20~26.5Mpa, and tighten and tighten the nut.
    2. Add material to the feeding port, use the physical packaging method for the load test, press 1~2 blocks, and hold the pressure for 3~5 seconds after the stroke of each waste paper hydraulic baler cylinder is in place, and conduct the pressure resistance test of the system.

    Testing the waste paper baler according to the above method can not only check the problems of the waste paper baler, but also solve the problems quickly, so as to ensure the quality of the waste paper baler!

    For more common sense of hydraulic baler repair and maintenance, please pay attention to the NICKBALER website https://www.nickbaler.net
  • How can the plastic bottle baling machine tray improve the working efficiency of the plastic bottle baling machine while ensuring the baling machine quality?
    1. Select the appropriate working mode. The body material of the plastic bottle baler needs to be carefully polished, welded, oxidized, rust-proof and painted, so that the appearance is beautiful and does not fall off the paint and rust. Plastic bottle balers are mainly used in recycling and processing industries and metal smelting industries. Plastic bottle balers are mainly used for packaging and bundling of cartons, wooden boxes, paper packages and cloth packages in commercial, postal, railway, bank, food, medicine, books, distribution and other industries. The plastic bottle baler itself has many working modes: manual, jog, continuous play, ball switch, etc. Various modes are selected according to the actual operation of customers.
    2. Select the appropriate supporting equipment. The working efficiency of the plastic bottle baler is 2s/pass, so if your supporting facilities cannot supply the working speed of the waste paper baler, it is obviously a waste of time. Therefore, the supporting equipment in the front section must be efficient, so as to fully meet the working speed and load of the plastic bottle baler.
    3. Select the number of plastic bottle balers according to the production volume. The low work efficiency is sometimes not the cause of the machine itself, but it may also be a problem with the number of equipment. The daily workload of each device is certain, so when the user's output is obviously several times the number of devices, the user should consider adding devices to improve work efficiency.

    4. The work ability and familiarity of the employees will indirectly affect the work efficiency.

    For more detailed description of plastic bottle baler, you can go to NICKBALER Machinery's website https://www.nickbaler.net, or you can call our sales phone: 86-29-86031588.
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