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  • The daily maintenance of the machine is very important, just like human skin, it looks old if it is maintained, and it looks old if it is not maintained. Only when we treat it correctly, it will bring us more benefits!
    1. Before maintaining the copper scrap Baling Press machine, the power supply should be cut off first, and no one should start the equipment without permission. (This is also important and necessary) and then operate in strict accordance with the regulations to avoid damage to the equipment.
    2. Not only should the equipment be kept clean, but also some parts should be treated with anti-rust treatment.
    3. The lubricating oil should be replaced regularly to ensure the quality of the oil.
    4. Regularly check some parts, including belts, handles and buttons in the Baling Press equipment. If they are seriously worn, they should be replaced immediately.
    5. Pay attention to the temperature of the oil during the work of the copper chip Baling Press machine. It should be below 55°C. When the oil temperature exceeds 58°C, the machine must be turned off.

    6. The pressure of cooling water should not exceed 0.5MPa, otherwise the cooling system equipment will be damaged.

    For more routine maintenance and trouble shooting questions, please contact 86-29-86031588 or https://www.nickbaler.net

  • Someone once asked: What's the matter with the excessive noise of the straw baler? I will share it with you today, I hope it can help you!
    1. It may be caused by insufficient oil in the fuel tank and low oil level. The solution is to refuel to the standard oil level.
    2. The air intake of the oil inlet pipe or the oil is too cold, and the air filter is blocked. At this time, the oil temperature can be heated, cleaned, and the oil inlet pipe gasket can be replaced.
    3. If the viscosity of the oil is too large or the oil quality deteriorates, the filter hydraulic oil can be replaced.
    4. The oil pump is loosely fixed, resulting in a large difference in coaxiality. The oil pump can be tightened and the winch can be fixed.
    5. There is a lot of foam in the oil, and the cause of air intake needs to be eliminated.

    6. The oil suction filter is blocked and must be cleaned.

    Using a NICKBALER straw baler can greatly reduce storage footprint, increase transport capacity, and reduce the possibility of fire. Feel free to contact us at 86-29-86031588 or https://www.nickbaler.net
  • Fully automatic baler, also known as unmanned baler, refers to the use of automatic baling press equipment on the production line that does not require manual operation. All the work processes of the baler are automatically completed through PLC control and photoelectric detection without manual intervention. But recently there is feedback from users that the baler always packs repeatedly, why is this?
    To explain this, we need to understand how the normal workflow of a baler is. Taking the standard machine as an example, the baler generally uses the electronic eye to detect that there is an item coming to the designated position, and then starts the first pass, and then starts to travel to the designated position to play the second pass. machine to the next station. At this time, all the photoelectric switches are in the released state (that is, not blocked). When the next block comes in, the baler starts a new baling press process. The above description is under normal circumstances, so what is the situation of the repeated baling press proposed by the customer? Is the baler malfunctioning?

    In fact, it is not. According to previous customer feedback, it is generally because the cache line at the end of the baler is blocked that the baling pressed object cannot leave the baler on time, but the next block to be baling pressed has been delivered to the baler, resulting in confusion in the detection of the photoelectric sensor. At this time, the photoelectricity of the baler is always in a blocked state, and the baler cannot distinguish which one has been packed and which one needs to be packed, so there will be frequent baling press of the same item. The solution to this problem is also very simple. One is that the user should take away the materials on the cache line in time, or lengthen the cache line to store more items. A sensor is installed to detect the congestion state. If there is a congestion, the baler will stop running, otherwise it will work normally.

    NICKBALER Machinery has a mature after-sales service system, 7 * 24 hours professional hotline service 86-29-86031588, quickly help you solve any incurable diseases, is your best choice!
  • At present, there are various models of waste paper balers on the market. Although they can meet the needs of many customers, the small waste paper box baler still occupies the favorite of many users. So is the small waste paper box baler easy to use?
    1. Although the large-scale waste paper baler has a high degree of automation and a higher baling machine effect, because of its high cost and inability to move flexibly, it has limitations in use, so a small waste paper box baler can make up for such limitations. properties, which can be used in combination to improve the efficiency of use.
    2. Small waste paper balers are more commonly used in waste paper domestic waste, industrial waste, processing leftovers, straw, cotton and other fluffy waste products for baling machine work.
    3. It can greatly reduce the occupied volume of waste products, which is more convenient for transportation and storage, and reduces transportation costs.

    4. At the same time, it can be customized according to the different needs of users, which can better meet the needs of customers, thus making the small waste paper box baler more easy to use.

    If you also want to customize, you can contact our company ,the website: https://www.nickbaler.net, Tel: 86-29-86031588
  • Anyone who is familiar with mechanical equipment knows that equipment that generally requires electricity will be installed with insurance, mainly to protect the equipment to a certain extent. The baler is no exception, but for the particularity of the baler itself, it is not enough to install an insurance, so what is the main role of the insurance of the baler?
    There is no doubt that the insurance of the baler, like the insurance of other equipment, plays a certain protective role. Specifically in the following aspects:
    1. Each electronic control position is individually set up with insurance. Many customers doubt whether a general insurance can be placed at the location where the power supply is connected. The answer is no. If this is done, the insurance will lose its protective effect.
    2. Pay attention to the selected model. The choice of general insurance will be selected according to the current required by the circuit that needs to be protected, so that it can play a protective role. If the selection is too large, the insurance will lose its protective effect; if the selection is too small, the insurance will be frequently burned.

    3. If the insurance is burned out, do not simply replace the insurance, but check the detailed reasons. Many users feel that the price of insurance is not expensive, and they should be replaced in time if it is broken. Although this will not delay production, it will cause great potential safety hazards. The cause of the failure should be examined in detail and resolved.

    If you want to know more about balers, you can go to the website of  NICKBALER Machinery https://www.nickbaler.net, or you can call our hotline: 86-29-86031588.
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