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  • On the road of innovation of straw baler,Nick Machinery has summarized a large number of materials and advanced models after long-term research,and in response to the current needs of agricultural production,
    Produce a more comprehensive straw baler with a wider range of applications.
    Only with the advancement of modern machinery and equipment,can the straw baler make great progress.Therefore,the development level of straw baler is also an important manifestation of modern packaging technology.

    At present,all walks of life attach great importance to the role of the baler.The straw baler is an important equipment that effectively improves the recycling of straw crop residues and improves productivity.

    The use of advanced technology is an important development trend of modern crop harvesting technology.And gradually through the modular design to form a fully automatic packaging process,still becoming an important design concept in the industry.
    The continuous innovation and development of Nick Machinery's straw baler can adapt to the rapid development of society and produce suitable straw hydraulic baler with different characteristics for major manufacturers.
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  • The corn stalks of the livestock breeding industry are mainly used for green storage and yellow storage.
    Green storage technology is to harvest and guillotine the fresh corn stalks and store them in kilns,tanks,towers,ponds and plastic bags,and compact and seal them with corn stalk balers.
    Make it naturally use lactic acid bacteria anaerobic fermentation under the condition of lack of nutrition to produce lactic acid,so that its internal pH value drops to about 4.0.

    Corn stalk is an important forage resource for the development of animal husbandry. Through investigation and research on the development of comprehensive utilization technology of domestic corn stalk,the yellow corn stalk storage technology is to wait after the corn is picked in the autumn.

    To harvest corn stalks,one is to draw and knead the corn stalks into filaments,dry them naturally,and bundle them with a corn stalk baler for storage.The second is to draw,knead,chop the corn stalks,stir,dry,
    It is pressed into grass cake or grass block;third,corn stalks are used as the base material (about 30% to 50%),and different supplementary materials are added according to different purposes to make various special pellet feeds.
    The corn stalk baler produced by Nick Machinery can effectively compress and pack corn stalks,save labor,improve the utilization rate of straw,and generate more economic value.
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  • Innovation is the soul of the progress of the times and an inexhaustible driving force for the prosperity of a country.All walks of life need constant innovation to not be eliminated and be recognized by people.In the baler industry,the green storage straw baler is a very important member.

    In recent years,the green storage straw baler has been continuously innovated and developed.It can be seen from this that the green storage straw baler has a good development prospect.The development of the baler industry is based on the needs of the times and the development needs of the times.

    The green storage straw baler of Nick Machinery is driven by high-quality stainless steel materials and advanced hydraulic system,which can effectively improve the quality of the green storage straw baler.
    With the continuous development of science and technology,if the green storage straw baler wants to keep up with the pace of the times,it must innovate and develop,seize the hearts of customers,and invent and create equipment that is more suitable for production and processing.

    Nick Machinery aims to create equipment that is beneficial to manufacturers and consumers.Continuous innovation and development will achieve efficient,low energy consumption and zero pollution processing and production.

    Nick Machinery actively responds to the call of the socialist stage,takes the road of mechanization and diversification,and makes greater contributions to people's rich material life!
    If you are interested or have questions about the Green Storage Straw Baler,please visit our website:www.nkbaler.com,or call:86-29-86031588
  • The cans hydraulic baler is a kind of machinery used in the recycling and processing cans smelting industry.The baling materials are placed in the material box of the baling machine,and the hydraulic oil cylinders work to suppress the baling materials,and the baling materials are compressed and formed into various metal bales.
    The use of hydraulic baler to pack the can baler facilitates the operation of workers and avoids waste of labor.

    Because this kind of baler mainly uses hydraulic drive,it is also called hydraulic baler.The hydraulic drive design of Nick Machinery also makes the equipment work more smoothly and safely.

    In addition,this packaging machine has two operation modes,one is manual;the other is PLC automatic control.
    Generally speaking,the product advantages of the can Baler machine are compact structure,convenient transfer,simple operation,easy maintenance,and reliable sealing.The packaging specifications can be customized according to the needs of users.

    The Nick brand can Baler machine can cooperate with transportation or storage to the maximum extent,and is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency,save manpower and reduce transportation costs.


  • When using a vertical waste paper baler,everyone should know the specific operation method of the waste paper baler so that the best performance of the waste paper baler can be exerted.So,how to operate the waste paper baler to give full play to its performance?Before operation,everyone must ensure that the installation of the waste paper baler is normal,and it is best to check in advance.After checking,place a piece of cardboard at the bottom of the baling room for easy threading after baling.After that,put the waste into the baler room,paying attention to the best to put it evenly.In addition,the waste paper cannot extend beyond the surroundings of the baling room.After joining for more than four weeks,it is easy to bend the door.

    After discharging,the operator should buckle the motor oil pump and adjust the manual valve to the down position.If you need to pause the baler during the baling process,press the emergency stop button,so that the pressure plate will automatically stop running.
    Nick Machinery recommends that before using the waste paper baler,it is best to look at the specific operation method of the waste paper baler,so as not to affect the future use of the waste paper baler.
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