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What are the innovations of the automatic metal briquetting machine
Author : admin Time : 2021-04-20 AllPageView : 342

Fully automatic metal briquetting machine A new-designed aluminum scrap recycling and processing equipment is used for the aluminum scraps and aluminum shavings produced in the production process of the large-volume compression workshop, which can realize fully automated operation.

Based on the fully automatic metal briquetting machine (door cover type), we began to develop and design the fully automatic metal briquetting machine (hopper type). The automatic hopper-type metal baler is mainly used to compress non-ferrous metals: aluminum shavings, aluminum shavings, and the density range of the finished product: 1400-1800kgs/m3

The hydraulic system we designed adopts a frame structure. The oil pump is placed at the bottom of the oil tank. It directly extracts the hydraulic oil from the hydraulic oil tank and quickly supplies the oil to the hydraulic valve system to ensure that the hydraulic cylinder does piston movement quickly and achieves one block per minute. The theoretical design requirements of the finished product.

As the inner lining of the compression chamber, we use high-quality wear-resistant plates as the inner lining. The overall wear-resistant lining avoids frequent replacement. We have installed a photoelectric sensor switch in the feeding hopper. When the material reaches the sensor position, the equipment will run automatically without waiting for the operation. This truly realizes automated operation and reduces manual input.

Nick's high-end technology makes the automatic metal briquetting machine more adapt to the development of the times and provide you with better services.

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