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  • Scrap recycling is a hot topic in the society nowadays, including beverage bottles, cans, scrap bicycles and motorcycles, scrap aluminum, scrap home appliances, etc., industrial scrap metal, scrap steel, scrap iron, light and thin materials, etc. It can be recycled, and some cannot be recycled. Take the most common scrap metal among them, it can be recycled resources. So what is the use of scrap metal after it is processed by a metal briquetting machine?

    The metal briquetting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that can recycle scrap metal resources for briquetting and packaging. Anyone who knows this industry knows that the cost of recycling scrap metal on the market is very low, and the metal briquetting machine is used for briquetting and packaging After that, it will become a cuboid.

    In addition, there are many sales channels for scrap metal after briquetting and packaging, which not only facilitates transportation, but can also be directly sent to steel plants for recycling. Nick Machinery specializes in manufacturing various hydraulic balers to compress and bale waste materials into compact bales that are small in size and easy to handle. We can customize the packing machine that meets your packing needs at a reasonable price according to your needs. If you have any requirements, please contact us www.nkbaler.com. 

  • The hydraulic straw briquetting machine is classified from the transmission mode. Waste paper briquetting machine, straw briquetting machine, plastic bottle briquetting machine and other equipment are now used in this way. Therefore, when you hear about hydraulic straw briquetting machine, it refers to the straw briquetting machine equipment currently using hydraulic system. There are two methods for straw briquetting machine. After the straw is sent to the baler, the straw is packed into the machine in two compression stages.
    In the first stage, the straw briquettes are relatively loose and require a small amount of pressure to achieve a larger proportion of deformation.

    The relationship between process pressure and deformation can be approximately equal to a linear relationship. The compression process of the straw briquetting machine is mainly to reduce the gap between the briquettes. Since the straw itself is relatively loose, the amount of compression at this stage is relatively large. Easy to complete.

    The next step is mainly compact. After the previous stage of compression, the density between the straw briquettes decreases, and more compression is needed to achieve greater compression. The deformation of the straw becomes smaller, but the pressure needs to increase faster. The relationship between material deformation and pressure is a non-linear relationship. At this stage, the pressure of the straw briquetting machine is mainly to overcome the gaps inside the straw. At this stage, the compressed filler is greatly affected by moisture, feed rate and loading rate.
    The maintenance of hydraulic straw briquetting machine should be kept tidy, clean, firm, lubricated, anti-corrosive and stable. Daily inspection, maintenance and regular inspection of parts: check cylinders, oil pumps, electrical appliances and sliding parts. Maintain and inspect machine parts and modifiers. Check the power cord of the machine and make sure to put the power cord on the forklift and the aisle to avoid stress on the power cord.

  • Many people have this feeling: in the hydraulic baler family, the scrap baler is very inconspicuous, and it is the simplest one. In fact, Nick's scrap baler seems simple, but there are some things to pay attention to in actual production to make the best performance of the equipment. Let's talk about it below.

    1. When feeding into the Nick Baler Scrap Packing Cabinet, it is necessary to pay attention to the uniform and smooth feeding, and not high and low at the same time, otherwise it will cause the pressure and the piston rod to tilt or even bend and deform.

    2. The hydraulic oil of the hydraulic system should be replaced and filtered once a month after the first use, and then replaced or filtered every six months to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil and the normal operation of the hydraulic system.

    Although the skills seem very simple, there are only two, but they can play a more important role in actual production operations. Nick Machinery has a professional R&D, design and after-sales team. If you encounter any difficult problems during use, you can always contact us www.nkbaler.com.

  • It is specially used for the compact packaging of waste paper, waste cardboard, leftovers from carton factories, plastic film, straw and other loose objects.
    1. The photoelectric switch automatically detects whether the material can be filled up and completes the automatic function
    2. The reasonable double scissor blade design of the horizontal baler improves the paper cutting efficiency and prolongs the service life of the blade
    3. The common anti-skid design of the horizontal baler prevents the appearance of trapezoidal bags and makes the bales more beautiful
    4. The main oil cylinder adopts the design of turret bracket and spherical end surface, which can eliminate the torque acting on the main shaft and significantly extend the life of the oil seal

    5. The horizontal balers are equipped with a common tying line installation, thereby reducing the fault rate and facilitating cleaning, maintenance and maintenance

    6. The horizontal packing machine adopts differential technology to make the packing speed faster, thereby improving work efficiency and saving power
    7. Floating necking in four directions at the machine outlet, so as to automatically distribute the pressure on all sides, which can be universally used for the compaction of various materials
    8. The horizontal packing machine can freely set the packing length, accurately record the packing value, and use it as an operator
    9. Automatic fault diagnosis, automatic display, improve detection efficiency
    10. Internationally standardized circuit layout, graphical operation instructions, and detailed component markings make it easy for operators to understand and improve maintenance efficiency
    11. No need for special ground equipment, making the installation simple and easy
    Shaanxi Nick Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the production of waste paper balers. The semi-automatic waste paper balers and automatic waste paper balers produced are of high quality and low price. If you need it, please log on to our website: www.nkbaler. com
  • Straw baler occupies an important position in animal husbandry and can produce green storage forage in the animal husbandry industry. It is a new type of equipment that cannot be replaced by animal husbandry and agriculture.
    1. Small size and large capacity. Generally, bulk grass and straw have a bulk density of 20-50 kilograms per cubic meter, and the bulk density of compressed into a block is 800-1000 kilograms per cubic meter. The large density and small volume make it very easy to store And transportation, and will not spontaneously combust when stored in high density. In the open air, the storage period is 2-3 years or longer.
    2. Straw packaged feed, cattle, sheep and other livestock have good palatability, and the feed has a unique strong sour fragrance, which has a good attractant effect. It can reduce metabolic diseases and benefit the intestinal health of livestock.
    3. Good nutrient content, high digestion and absorption rate. Generally, the crude protein of briquetted feed can reach more than 6%. The feed intake rate can reach 100%, and the digestion and absorption rate of livestock can reach more than 70%.
    4. The use of straw baler can effectively improve the utilization rate of feed and save the feeding cost of farmers.

    5. Convenient feeding of cattle and sheep. Briquette feed can be fed both wet and dry, saving labor, labor, time, and mechanized feeding.

    6. Reduce pollution. The comprehensive utilization of straws realizes the sustainable development of modern agriculture, and also reduces the use and pollution of organic fertilizers in the breeding industry, and also increases the income of the planting industry.
    The innovation of animal husbandry is an eternal topic of economic development. Only innovation can enable enterprises to win in the fierce market competition. In such competition, it is reflected in the advanced level of equipment. Today's animal husbandry industry has begun to gradually use in large quantities. The straw baler is now available. Nick's high-end technology makes the straw baler more adaptable to the development of the times and provide you with better services.To learn more about the straw baler, please follow our website www.nkbaler.com.
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