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The foam baler is an indispensable equipment for the foam recycling station
Author : admin Time : 2021-08-26 AllPageView : 315
Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, more and more foams are being recycled, and foam balers have also emerged and become indispensable equipment for waste recycling stations. So, what is the role of foam recycling? Now Nick will introduce the Baler:
Use waste foamed plastic as heat insulation material
With the development of the chemical industry, polystyrene foam has been used as packaging materials, disposable tableware, etc., to the field of building insulation materials with more market prospects. Add a certain amount of low boiling point liquid modifiers, blowing agents, catalysts, stabilizers, etc. to the waste polystyrene foam after defoaming. After heating, the polystyrene beads can be pre-foamed, and then heated in the mold A rigid polystyrene foam board with fine closed pores is prepared. This kind of board can be used alone, or it can be coated with a thin aluminum sheet after forming to make an aluminum-plastic board. Its thermal insulation performance is very good. After the actual use of the roof of the house, there is no frosting and condensation, and the construction cost can be reduced, and the construction operation is convenient. Therefore, in northern heating areas, the polystyrene foam insulation board produced by this method has a wide range of uses and good development prospects.
Use waste foam plastic to prepare waterproof coating

Use suitable modifiers to modify waste foam plastics to prepare water-emulsion waterproof coatings with quick-drying at room temperature and long water resistance. The method is simple in process, and it is also very convenient to adjust the viscosity with water. The waterproof coating can be used for corrugated boxes instead of moisture-proof oil, and can also be used for fiberboard waterproofing.

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