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  • Technology is changing, and the technology of the corresponding waste paper balers needs to be continuously upgraded. The appearance and model design of the waste paper balers need to be continuously upgraded to maintain their position in the market. Although the change of the waste paper baler requires a change in appearance, the most important thing is the internal change of the waste paper baler, and technological breakthroughs are the truth.
    Progress is a manifestation of changes little by little. Only continuous change can make progress. Progress is the condition for the development of things. Only progress can promote the development of things. The development of the waste paper baler industry also requires constant changes. Only by learning to change, being good at changing, and constantly changing, can the waste paper baler make progress, make progress, and have a broader scope. Stage.
    Although the waste paper baler is not a necessary equipment in various industries, it has a very important role for some industries, such as logistics, express delivery, postal services, etc. Its performance characteristics and whether the technology is high and new directly affect these industries. It can be seen that the continuous improvement of waste paper baler technology and scientific research innovation are also a small aspect of promoting social and economic progress.

    New packaging technology can usher in a new starting point, a new future, and a new direction of development, so that waste paper packaging machine manufacturers have more potential for development and the intangible changes in the market and society, which promote waste paper packaging. The machine is also changing itself invisibly, no matter how to change, for the waste paper baler: the internal performance is more important than the external appearance.

    Nick Machinery is strictly controlled in accordance with the operation mode of the ISO9001 international quality management system, and the quality fully meets the requirements of economic industrial design. https://www.nkbaler.net
  • Everyone in the waste paper baler industry knows that once the waste paper baler factory runs, it must complete a baling operation, and sometimes it even needs to be packaged non-stop. Therefore, the waste paper baler factory can achieve high profitability for every waste paper baler. The wishes of the manufacturer. Things backfired. In fact, the waste paper baler industry is much more difficult to operate than other industries. For customers, unpacked paper does not support remote transportation, because scattered paper is greatly affected by road bumps, and the loss rate of paper is very large if remote transportation is forced, which leads to poor customer feedback and zero repurchase. Thus entering a vicious circle.
    Generally, waste paper baler manufacturers have only two options:
    1. Local sales. Paper loss is low, customer feedback is good, and the customer's repurchase rate is maintained, but the sales scope cannot be expanded;
    2. Forced foreign sales. In order to increase the sales scope of the waste paper baler, the unpackaged waste paper is forcibly shipped to other places, abandoning the customer's repurchase rate, and doing a one-off transaction. But the result of these two operating conditions is loss! But for customers, the waste paper baler must satisfy customers to get low-cost paper while ensuring the high quality of the paper. Various manufacturers say it is difficult! Many manufacturers have been seeking solutions to these difficulties, but do you know? A waste paper baler can help you solve everything.

    The paper packaged with the waste paper baler is very firm, which can solve the problem that the long-distance transportation and low loss of paper cannot be realized at the same time, which can not only expand the sales scope of the waste paper baler, but also reduce the low loss of paper. In addition, the bricks packaged by the baler have an exquisite appearance, which enhances the customer's impression score. The paper received by the customer is firm and beautiful, and the repurchase rate is naturally increased.

    The emergence of waste paper balers has brought convenience to the owners of Baler stations and many industries, not only greatly saving space, but also saving a lot of human resources. https://www.nkbaler.net
  • Taking the route of greening and environmental protection is mainly reflected in improving the energy efficiency of products and recycling resources to reduce product emission standards, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of using as few resources as possible to meet economic and social development.
    How do companies implement the recycling of resources? The development of waste paper baler has become the only way to develop remanufacturing, which also gives companies a great advantage in price, which will inevitably enable companies to take the initiative in price competition. The old-for-new policy has also kept new and old customers well and signed more orders.
    The export of waste paper baler products in China was once rejected because of the overseas increase in emission standards. Only through research and development to improve the emission reduction technology to reduce the emission of pollutants, can it be more conducive to promoting the export of China's waste paper baler products. Therefore, energy saving and emission reduction is not only an inevitable requirement of the environment, but also an urgent development task for domestic waste paper baler enterprises.
    To purify the dust in the industrial workshop, use the waste paper baler in some unfixed stations to make good use of his ability to move. Reducing the purification space of waste paper baler is the direction of everyone’s common concern to realize energy saving, a fast and effective way. The air volume of the purification system depends on the volume of the room and the number of air changes, and the number of air changes is mostly determined by the cleanliness level, so the clean system should be reduced. The air volume can be reduced to purify the space. Because the low air volume is quantified, that is, the reasonable selection of the air exchange frequency can reduce the power consumption of the air supply. At the same time, in the pipeline design, the resistance of the system is reduced as much as possible, and the effect of reducing the power consumption of the air supply can also be achieved. To purify industrial workshop dust, the use of welding fume purifiers in some non-fixed workstations makes good use of its ability to move.

    Waste paper baler to reduce the purification space is the direction of the fast and effective way to realize energy saving that everyone is concerned about. The air volume of the purification system depends on the volume of the room and the number of air changes, and the number of air changes is mostly determined by the cleanliness level. Therefore, reducing the air volume of the cleaning system can reduce the purification space. Because the low air volume is quantified, that is, the reasonable selection of the air exchange frequency can reduce the power consumption of the air supply. At the same time, in the pipeline design, the resistance of the system is reduced as much as possible, and the effect of reducing the power consumption of the air supply can also be achieved.

    NICKBALER has a great brand influence in renewable resource recycling, scrap steel processing, environmental recycling industry and other industries. https://www.nkbaler.net

  • Hydraulic baler is the most common one among many types of baler. Although it is frequently used, there are still many users who do not understand the work management mode of the equipment. So next, Nick Machinery will introduce the work management mode of its equipment.
    Users who are familiar with the baler know that the management of the hydraulic baler is performed by the photoelectric information sensor to detect the target object and perform the data packaging to complete the work. The standard baler can be equipped with 3 sensors and 2 parallel bands. General corporate users I would think that if we didn’t make two parallel passes, it should be one electronic eye that detects that there is an object being transported, and then one package is carried out. The two electronic eyes detect that there is an object and start to learn the second package operation, but in fact, control Part of the work business process design is not because of this.
    Horizontal hydraulic baler installation does not require foot screws, and diesel engine can be used as power in places where there is no power supply. Hydraulic baler is mainly suitable for steel mills, recycling and processing industries, and non-ferrous and ferrous metal smelting industries.
    The hydraulic baler can squeeze all kinds of metal scraps (steel shavings, scrap steel, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, scrap stainless steel, scrap car scraps, etc.) into various shapes of qualified furnace charge such as cuboid, octagon, and cylinder, which can reduce The cost of transportation and smelting can also increase the speed of furnace operation. The waste paper baler is used to squeeze waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and pack them with special packaging tapes to greatly reduce the volume, so as to reduce the transportation volume, save the freight, and increase the benefits for the enterprise. The introduction of advanced technology and advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad.

    The hydraulic baler PLC controls the packaging. When one electronic eye and two electronic eyes are blocked by the goods at the same time, the program will perform a packaging operation; when one electronic eye and two electronic eyes are blocked but the three electronic eyes are not blocked, a secondary packaging operation is performed. In the process of this procedure, it is possible that the packaging operation of the two channels is not very easy to understand, but it is actually very simple. The reason for this design is to prevent the two cartons from being particularly close, causing misoperation of the packaging machine.

    The faults of the Nick Machinery automatic hydraulic baler can be automatically diagnosed and displayed automatically, which greatly improves the detection efficiency. Contact number 86-29-86031588.
  • Waste paper baler is currently the most convenient tool for waste paper recycling, transportation and packaging. The product plays an important role in many waste paper recycling companies and papermaking companies. We can learn about it from its main structure description.
    We all know that such products are researched and developed in the direction of environmental protection, but the specific structure of such products makes many people curious. The hydraulic station is the main power source of the waste paper baler, providing pressure oil for each hydraulic cylinder of the waste paper baler. It is divided into two parts: the hydraulic station of the main engine and the hydraulic station of the trolley. The main engine hydraulic station is divided into two sets of oil tanks, the main and the auxiliary, and the two oil tanks are connected by a connecting pipe. In fact, such products are composed of many systems, including mechanical systems and control systems.

    In fact, the packaging process of these products can be summarized as auxiliary time and so on. For most waste paper balers, the method adopted is horizontal baling, because the finished products packaged in this way are not only of better quality but also easy to save space, so that the utilization rate of space can be maximized. The country now calls for energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. This policy can well promote the market share of waste paper balers.

    NICKBALER specializes in the development and manufacturing of environmentally friendly waste compression equipment.

    Nick Machinery mainly provides convenient, fast, safe and economical solutions for waste paper, waste metal, waste plastic, fiber, agricultural platycodon and other waste recycling and processing enterprises. Contact consultation telephone 86-29-86031588 or https://www.nkbaler.net

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