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  • Chip briquetting machines were originally designed to compress wood chips into solid bales for industrial power generation. It was later used to compress many kinds of powdery materials. From wood chips, coco peat, wood pellets to large size wood shavings. Nick's machinery and equipment all show his good working condition and produce a good finished product.
    1. The operator should read the instruction manual, be familiar with the performance, structure and operation method of the machine, and carry out installation, debugging, use and maintenance according to the provisions of the manual.
    2. Hard (metal) debris should be removed from the processed materials to avoid damage to the machine and cause accidents.
    3. During the processing, it is strictly forbidden for the operator to put his hands into the transmission part and the granulation chamber to prevent accidents.
    4. Always check the wear of the mold pressure roller, and adjust, replace or repair it if necessary.
    5. If you need to check the pellet machine, you must cut off the power supply to ensure safety.

    6. The motor must be installed with a ground wire to avoid accidents.

    The use of Nickel Machinery paper scrap balers can greatly reduce the storage area, improve transportation capacity, and reduce the possibility of fire. Feel free to contact Nick Machinery website: https://www.nkbaler.com
  • Straw briquetting machine is a multi-functional equipment, it can beat waste materials such as wheat straw, straw, sorghum stalks, waste paper, cartons, corncobs, silage, micro-storage, etc. It can help you solve the problems caused by extrusion of different materials It is difficult to come, the fully automatic straw baler can not only save labor, but also save costs. The following Nick Machinery will take you to understand its advantages.
    1. Introduce domestic and foreign advanced baler production design and quality technical standards for production.
    2. Reliable quality, stable performance, high safety; wide application, fashionable appearance and fine workmanship.
    3. It is optional to be equipped with an anti-rebound and anti-knife device, and a safety emergency stop switch.
    4. Low noise, high efficiency, non-pressure stroke work, pressure automatic return.

    5. The size and bales can be customized according to customer requirements, the feeding port is enlarged and widened, and the filling is more convenient and quick.

    Nick's straw baler has reasonable planning, takes up little space, and conforms to the concept of environmental protection. It is your ideal choice. Nick hopes to cooperate with you to contribute to environmental protection. https://www.nkbaler.com
  • The main shaft of the crusher is one of its important structures, and the structural influence of the bending of the main shaft:
    1. Affect the service life of the spindle;
    2. The blade produces interference cutting, which reduces the service life of the blade;
    3. Affect the size of processed materials;
    4. Reduce the service life of the bearing;
    5. Difficult to assemble;

    6. If the reducer is directly connected, the service life of the reducer will be reduced; if the belt drive is used, the belt is easy to jump, which will reduce the service life of the V-belt. 

    Therefore, the precision of the spindle must be strictly required to ensure the service life of the equipment, increase the yield and meet customer requirements.

  • 1. Compared with mechanical devices, it has convenient operation, labor saving, large degree of freedom in system structure space, easy automation, stepless speed regulation in a wide range, large transmission ratio, and complex program motion and remote control;
    2. The hydraulic transmission of waste paper has the characteristics of uniform and stable transmission, fast response speed, braking and reversing;
    3. Easy to realize overload protection;

    4. The standardization, serialization and homogenization of hydraulic control components are high in machine design, manufacturing cycle and cost reduction.

    The waste paper balers produced by Nick Machinery have always had their own unique features, because we believe that only by making our products more refined and distinctive. Only by making users and friends more satisfied can we have a good market. Let customers and friends give more praise to our waste paper baler, https://www.nkbaler.com.

  • With the development of science and technology and the increase of labor costs, bagging machines have appeared before people's eyes. It has been widely used in food, chemical industry, electronics, food, treatment and other industries. It can be said that its figure is everywhere. However, the bagging machine also has a certain workflow.
    1. First put the object on the horizontal conveyor belt, transport it into the internal fixed position through the conveyor belt, and then stop;
    2. Then the object enters the automatic bagging machine through the conveyor belt, reaches the specified position, and is ready for bagging;
    3. The bottom lifting mechanism lifts the carton after the bottom lifting, and at the same time, the film starts to be applied on the top;

    4. Put the bag into the object, cut off the film material with a cutter, and at the same time, two sets of suction cups pull the film bag apart, and stretch the bag inserted into the object by blowing air to the inside to achieve the desired effect

    The waste paper baler produced by Nick can compress and pack various cardboard boxes, waste paper, waste plastics, cartons, etc. to reduce transportation and smelting costs. https://www.nkbaler.com

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