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  • During the selection of processing and production equipment, users will pay attention to the structure of the equipment and the actual application effect, because the equipment can save application space and have higher performance during the work process to achieve higher production efficiency, and scrap steel cutting The machine can meet these application standards. The scrap steel shearing equipment currently put into use is more reasonable in terms of structural design. The finished equipment can provide more functional options and can also meet the needs of different processing places.
     In order to ensure that the scrap shearing machine is more stable and convenient during operation, the staff must follow the correct process to complete the installation operation. First, find the center point of the equipment. The parts of the equipment need to be placed flat to ensure that the installation level is connected and fixed. All the bases must be firmly fixed, and they must be checked after installation to ensure that they are not loose before they can be put into use. After completing the installation operation of the entire equipment, several criteria need to be adopted to determine the installation effect, such as the sensitive speed of the equipment during operation, and whether the operation function of the equipment is correct. You can first let the scrap shearing machine run dry. And observe the application status of the equipment, if any abnormal problems are found, make adjustments in time.

    During the fixed installation operation of the scrap shearing machine, you need to follow the instructions of the product. Different types of equipment have a fixed time range during the installation. If the installation is too short, you need to check whether there are any overlooked areas. In addition, the equipment is running dry During the period, the time must reach a certain standard. This is the prerequisite to ensure the smooth progress of the production work. Pay attention to these issues during the installation of the equipment.

    The above are the tips for installing the shearing machine introduced by Nick Machinery. If you encounter other problems during the installation process, you can contact us at 86-29-86031588, and our staff will solve it for you as soon as possible.

  • 1. In the process of use, if the temperature is insufficient, adjust the temperature controller (right rotation can increase the temperature, left rotation can reduce the temperature).
    2. For the scrap balers that are used daily, they must be cleaned regularly. For the scrap balers that are not used for a long time, they must be thoroughly cleaned after the last use, and then stored in an open space.
    3. When packing items, be sure to adjust the tape length adjuster on the panel according to the size of the item.
    4. The scrap baler has an automatic stop device, and the stop time can be set independently.

    5. Special attention should be paid to: non-technical personnel can not disassemble and adjust the places that are not described in the booklet at will, especially the places with red paint on the packaged fuselage.

    Nick Machinery recommends that you must use it in accordance with the instructions or under the guidance of professional staff to make the baler serve you better.

  • Hydraulic metal shears are used for cold shearing and processing of various types of scrap metal, scrapped car frames, construction waste demolition steel bars, and ship plates.
    The cutting pressure can be selected from 63 tons to 400 tons, and the length of the cutting blade can be selected from 400mm~~~1200mm. The operation modes are manual, semi-automatic, PLC computer automatic, and remote control.

    Gantry shears are ideal machines for cutting stainless steel Nick Baler plates, electrolytic copper plates, ship plates, and materials.

    The above is the difference between metal shears and gantry shears analyzed by Nick Machinery for everyone. Does it help you to distinguish better? For more content, please pay attention to www.nkbaler.net

  • The straw Baler machine is a new type of tool used in agriculture. It uses materials with good wear resistance and impact resistance to ensure the stability of the equipment and make its performance more excellent. The briquette has high density, high calorific value, good combustion, low cost, easy to use, clean and hygienic, and easy to store and transport.

    The straw Baler machine compresses the crushed corn stalks, wheat stalks, peanut husks, rice husks, sawdust, wood chips, tree bark, etc. into lumps without any additives and binders. The materials used are: High-quality alloy steel greatly improves the strength of the material on the basis of the willfulness of the material during heat treatment.

    The main shaft of the straw Baler machine adopts a hexagonal structure and is connected with the bracket with a taper sleeve. This structure has high reliability, as long as the main shaft is continuous, there will be no failures, and it is convenient to disassemble during maintenance. The main shaft of the Baler machine of other manufacturers adopts the key connection. This structure is prone to failure due to the large transmission power. Even if the installation is tight and does not fail, due to the dust and water vapor generated during work, coupled with the temperature, rust conditions will occur, and the equipment cannot be disassembled during maintenance. Therefore, the structure of the Dongshan straw Baler machine is more reasonable, so as to achieve high conversion of kinetic energy and improve the production efficiency of the equipment.

    The straw Baler machine produced by the straw Baler machine can replace traditional coal and be directly applied to the new type of biomass boiler equipment. The briquettes produced by the straw Baler machine are ideal products for livestock farms, rural biomass boilers for heating, and power plants.

    The straw Baler machine presses or bales the straw, which facilitates the storage of the straw and also increases the utilization rate of the straw.

    The straw Baler machine produced by Nick Machinery has simple structure, high production efficiency and convenient operation. If you are interested in understanding, you can go to our company website for more information www.nkbaler.net.

  • The straw Baler machine is an environmentally friendly equipment, used to crush the compressed fuel and servo materials of bio-energy raw materials such as straw. The crushed forage can be used as a servo agent or fuel. After practice and improvement, the straw Baler machine is becoming more and more perfect. The machine has high degree of automation, large output, low price, low energy consumption, simple operation and no environmental pollution. Rice stalk Baler machine widely used for crushing various crop stalks, twigs and other raw materials. If there is no electrical equipment, diesel engines can be used instead.

    The Baler machine has strong material adaptability: it is suitable for the molding of various biomass energy raw materials. The straw can be processed and molded from powder to 50mm in length.

    The automatic adjustment function of the pressing wheel of the Baler machine: the pressure angle is automatically adjusted by the principle of two-way rotation of the thrust bearing, so that the material is not crowded and the machine is not stuffed, and the stability of the discharge molding is ensured.

    The Baler machine is simple to operate and easy to use: high degree of automation, less labor, manual feeding or automatic conveyor feeding can be used.

    The working principle of the Baler machine is composed of a feeding conveyor, a compressor and a discharging machine.

    The straw Baler machine produced by Nick Machinery has simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and reasonable price. It is a good helper for your production. Welcome to buy www.nkbaler.com

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