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Why is a hydraulic baler required for waste recycling?
Author : admin Time : 2021-06-29 AllPageView : 299
The baler uses the force of a hydraulic cylinder to compress various waste materials into regular and compact bales. After the bales are compressed, the operator can further use plastic bands, iron wires, steel wires, etc. to bind the bales to make the bales The block can still maintain a tight and regular form during transportation.
Regular and compact bales can greatly increase the weight of materials stored in the same storage space and increase the weight of the cabinet. The baler is an indispensable machine in the waste recycling and processing industry, reducing transportation and warehousing costs for users' waste management, thereby creating more profits.
The hydraulic baler has a wide range of applications, suitable for waste paper, waste paper boxes, straw, clothing, cotton, textiles, plastic bottles, wood chips, rice husk, peanut shells, cotton fiber, metal, scrap iron, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, waste Metal scraps, woven bags, sponges, tires and other waste items are recycled and compressed for packaging.

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