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Briefly describe the price of waste plastic bottle baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-06-30 AllPageView : 323
The price of waste plastic bottle packaging equipment. Regarding the waste plastic bottle recycling industry, a waste plastic bottle packaging machine is necessary to improve work efficiency. Then many people want to know the price of waste plastic bottle packaging equipment. Let Nick Simply organize it for everyone
The price of a horizontal baler is about 40,000-250000. Although the horizontal waste plastic bottle baler is larger than the vertical baler, the compression force is larger than the vertical baler, the baling size is large, the baling efficiency is high, and it is easy to operate automatically. Therefore, the price will be more expensive than the vertical baler.
There are many types of waste plastic baler, and the price should be around 100,000 yuan. Each manufacturer's materials and automation levels are different. In 2021, the price of waste plastic bottle balers should not increase. Even if the price increase is not too great, it is about 10,000 yuan.
1. To buy a baler, we must combine the quotations of each baler manufacturer and carefully purchase products that are far below the market price. At the same time, we should understand some simple knowledge, not to pay for false or disorderly bidding phenomenon (some companies falsely report the pressure, capacity and performance of the Baler in order to obtain a price advantage)
2. During the investigation, not only the factory should conduct on-site inspections, but also its production and processing capabilities. Whether the packager is just a tool used by the leather bag company to cheat, check the previous contract status, and then go to his customer to see the usage.

The topic of the price of waste plastic bottle packaging equipment is here. If you want to know about the waste plastic hydraulic packaging machine, you can follow the Nick Machinery website www.nkbaler.net

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