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Nick double-cavity suitcase garment packing machine model
Author : admin Time : 2021-06-29 AllPageView : 307
The double-chamber garment packing machine is mainly used for compressing and packing old clothes, towels, rags, fiber fabrics and other materials.
1. Double-cavity structure can pack and feed materials at the same time, which greatly improves work efficiency;
2. The way of carrying the box, simple operation, improve efficiency; cross-bundling, to achieve compact and tidy packing;
3. It is suitable for weaving, plastic film, plastic bag to wrap the block.
This Baling Press has many styles and different models, mainly NK-T60, NK-T60L, NK-T90L, and the compression force is also different. From 60Ton-90Ton, the packing capacity is from 6-12 bags/hour, and the packing weight is from 45- 150kg

For more details about the double-cavity carrying case Baling Press, please pay attention to the Nick website www.nkbaler.net, we can also tailor the Baling Press for you according to your specific needs.

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