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Why do farmers use a straw baler machine?
Author : admin Time : 2021-12-20 AllPageView : 537
The straw baler sometimes returns materials when it is working. The so-called return phenomenon refers to the phenomenon that the equipment returns to the feed inlet when it is working. The return phenomenon of the straw baler is actually related to many reasons:
The impact of unbalanced forces on materials. When the wheat straw baler is discharged, the longitudinal force of the material in the crushing chamber is easily unbalanced, and the phenomenon of material return is easy to occur under the action of the upward airflow component.
The entrance is too large. The straw baler of the same specification is prone to return material when the feed inlet is large. Subsequently, the return cause material collides with the inner wall of the crushing chamber.

Generally speaking, the collision between the inner wall of the crushing chamber and the material is relatively large. When the material is in a large amount of feeding process, part of the collision trajectory directly points to the inner wall of the crushing chamber, the easier it is to return to the material. This is related to the large difference in material size. In the straw baler, when the size of the materials to be broken differs greatly, the phenomenon of material return is prone to occur.

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