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What are the advantages of exporting cans?
Author : admin Time : 2021-09-17 AllPageView : 304
In recent years, as countries around the world have paid more and more attention to sustainable development, circular economy has also attracted more and more attention from the public. Among them, the recycling of mineral resources has always been a hot area due to their non-renewability. The recycling of cans can not only save bauxite, but also save 97% of energy. It has a great contribution to the protection and beautification of the global environment. So what are the recycling advantages of waste cans after export? Now Nick will take you to explain it.
1. In the field of utilization of aluminum cans
From the perspective of the use of aluminum cans, Sweden’s recycling model is the most scientific. It has realized the recycling of aluminum cans and greatly increased its utilization rate; compared with the United States, the operating model is slightly inferior in this link. , There is no guarantee that the original aluminum alloy can be produced directly by smelting the original waste cans, and it needs to be modulated by the metal composition to produce the aluminum that meets the requirements.
2. In the field of can recycling
After comparative analysis, the cycle (tanning→canning→canning→user→recycling of waste cans→waste) in the United States is the shortest, with an average of 90 days. Such a fast recycling rate has made the United States the most expensive return; and China And the Swedish recycling model has the characteristics of complex recycling links and multiple levels. When scrap aluminum circulates between different levels, there will be a certain length of time interval. The growth of the recycling chain extends the recycling time of aluminum cans and reduces its utilization efficiency. In the case of a certain market capacity of cans, if the recycling time is shortened, the use rate of cans can be reduced, and the efficiency of resource utilization can be greatly improved.
3. In the field of recycling organizers

Both Sweden and the United States are involved in the recycling of cans, and the recycling process is handled by more formal companies. It is easier for the government to supervise and participate. In many cases, the can recyclers appear in the public market as a role similar to the government. 

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