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The scope of the small waste paper baler and the precautions
Author : admin Time : 2020-09-14 AllPageView : 442
Today we introduce in detail the core hydraulic components of the waste paper baler-the scope and precautions for use of the check valve,and the specific functions of the check valve.
In the hydraulic system of the waste paper baler,the one-way valve is widely used.It is commonly used in the following occasions:used at the outlet of the hydraulic pump to prevent the hydraulic oil from flowing back;used to isolate the connection between the oil circuits and prevent the oil circuits from interfering with each other;Used as a back pressure valve;Used as a bypass valve.

2.Precautions for selection and use:

When selecting a one-way valve,in addition to selecting the opening pressure reasonably according to the needs,special attention should be paid to the work.When the flow through the one-way valve is much smaller than the rated flow,the one-way valve sometimes vibrates,and the smaller the flow,the opening pressure The higher the oil,the more gas in the oil,the easier it is to produce vibration.
Recognize the direction of the inlet and outlet during installation,and do not install it wrong,so as not to affect the normal operation of the system,especially when installing a check valve at the outlet of the pump,you should pay more attention.If the inlet and outlet of the check valve are installed reversely,the hydraulic pump may be damaged or the motor may be burned out.
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