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Benefits of marine Baling Machine
Author : admin Time : 2020-09-14 AllPageView : 452
The serious problem of marine pollution has caused people to pay attention to the problem of marine garbage and garbage disposal on ships.For marine garbage recycling programs,each has its own advantages.Such as:using ocean currents to eliminate garbage,establishing submarine fish farms,underwater garbage landfills,and using garbage to build artificial islands.
So,how to deal with garbage on board?

In order to ensure that the ocean is not polluted by any rubbish,at present,ports all over the world have agencies to collect ship rubbish.Advanced ships are equipped with garbage chambers,and the garbage produced by the ships can be sorted,collected,packaged,and then vacuum compressed by a dedicated marine garbage compressor.Or directly compress the volume and store it in storage,and wait until the ship docks for processing,so as to protect the marine environment and prevent the occurrence of ship diseases.

At sea,no plastics,including garbage with plastic packaging,such as disposable lunch boxes and plastic garbage,are allowed to enter the sea.Plastic garbage cannot be burned in the ship's incinerator for garbage.Plastic garbage must be disembarked by the dock cleaners to the ship collection belt after the ship arrives ashore.Residues after incineration of ordinary garbage must also be put into garbage collection bags.When the quantity is large,and the volume is large,it can be compressed and stacked with a marine garbage compressor.Then send it ashore for disposal.
The Nick brand marine Baling Machine is small in size,high in efficiency,automatic out of the package,and equipped with an emergency stop button to make the operation safer.
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