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The function of self-locking control of hydraulic baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-01-22 AllPageView : 371
The hydraulic baler is equipped with an electrical self-locking circuit, which can protect the motor from overload, short circuit, voltage loss, and undervoltage.
1. Overload protection: The thermal relay is mainly used to protect the asynchronous motor from overload. Its working principle is that after the overload current passes through the thermal element, the bimetal is heated and bent to push the action mechanism to drive the contact action, thereby controlling the motor circuit Disconnect, realize the motor power off and stop, play the role of overload protection.

2. Short circuit protection: The air switch is a switch that trips as long as there is a short circuit and the switch forms a loop.

3. The principle of the air switch is that when the line is short-circuited or severely overloaded, the short-circuit current exceeds the instantaneous tripping setting current value, and the electromagnetic tripping device generates enough suction force to attract the armature and hit the lever to make the hook around the shaft seat Rotate upwards to release the lock, and the lock breaks the three main contacts under the action of the reaction spring to cut off the power supply.

4. Loss of voltage protection Undervoltage protection: The coil of the contactor is generally connected in parallel with the electrical equipment. If there is a voltage loss or undervoltage, the electrical equipment will be burnt due to lack of phase, and the contactor has loss of voltage and undervoltage During protection, if the voltage is not enough or the phase is missing, the contactor will trip and use electrical equipment to disconnect. So as to protect the electrical equipment from burning due to lack of phase or undervoltage.

Therefore, the electrical self-locking circuit of the hydraulic baler is particularly important and requires key protection.
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