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The baling process of the straw baler
Author : admin Time : 2020-11-12 AllPageView : 461
Hydraulic straw balers are classified from the transmission mode.The current waste paper balers,straw balers,plastic bottle balers and other equipment all adopt this method. Therefore,when we hear of hydraulic straw balers,It refers to the waste paper baler equipment currently using hydraulic systems.

The straw baler has two processes to process the straw.After the straw is fed into the straw baler,it undergoes two-stage compression inside the machine to realize the straw baling process.

In the first stage,the straw is relatively loose and requires a small amount of pressure to achieve a larger proportion of deformation.This compression process of the straw baler is mainly to reduce the gap between the straws.Since the straws are relatively loose,the compressed volume at this stage is relatively large.easy to accomplish.

The second stage is mainly compaction.After the first stage of compression,the density between the straws is reduced,and greater compression requires more pressure to achieve.The deformation amplitude of the straw becomes smaller,but the pressure needs to increase faster.The pressure of the straw baler at this stage is mainly to overcome the gaps between the straws.During the compression and packaging process at this stage,it will be affected by the moisture content,feed volume and loading speed.

While developing the performance of the Nick Machinery automatic straw hydraulic baler,it must also reduce the price of the automatic straw hydraulic baler,so that customers are truly aware of the automatic straw hydraulic baler when using the automatic straw baler.Convenient and affordable.
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