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Textiles Baler be recycled and reused
Author : admin Time : 2020-09-30 AllPageView : 434

With the rapid growth of the world's population,the consumption of textiles is also rapidly increasing,resulting in a shortage of textile raw materials and a substantial increase in prices.On the other hand,a large amount of waste textiles are directly buried and incinerated as garbage,which not only causes a waste of resources,but also pollutes the environment.Therefore,the recycling and reuse of textiles can not only save a lot of resources,but also reduce the environmental pollution caused by the textile industry.It also conforms to the situation of social development and meets the requirements of the scientific development concept;it is also a resource-rich and low-

investment,Emerging industries with significant benefits can not only alleviate the current situation of resource shortage in the textile industry,the recycled old clothes can also be transported to third world countries for further use by local residents,which has huge economic and social benefits.

There are two main sources of waste textiles,one is from the blanking,leftovers,waste yarn,waste cloth,etc.produced in each process of spinning,weaving and finished product processing.Others are old clothes,old carpets,etc.
The textile baler produced by Nick Baler is used as a pre-processing machine for the recycling of waste textiles,which serves the purpose of reducing the volume of waste textiles.After packaging,the shape of the textile bales is regular,and the density is greatly increased compared with that before packaging,which not only makes storage and transportation operations easier,but also greatly reduces storage space and transportation costs.
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