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Common problems and solutions of metal baler
Author : admin Time : 2020-09-29 AllPageView : 476
The plunger pump of the metal baler is an important device of the hydraulic system.It relies on the reciprocating movement of the plunger in the cylinder to change the volume of the sealed working chamber to achieve oil absorption and pressure. The plunger pump has the advantages of high rated pressure,compact structure,high efficiency and convenient flow adjustment.
Common problems and solutions of plunger pump of metal baler:
1.Whether the oil inlet pipe of the plunger pump sucks in air,which causes the pump to have high noise,vibration and pressure fluctuations:mechanical tips should prevent the plunger pump from sucking oil due to poor sealing and high resistance of the oil suction pipe (such as excessive bending and too long pipe) Insufficient air intake occurs.

2.Check whether the coaxiality of the plunger pump and the engine is out of tolerance: the plunger pump and the engine are installed differently,so that the plunger pump and the drive shaft are subjected to radial force, and the coaxiality is readjusted.

3.Check that the movement of the servo piston and the variable piston is not flexible,and occasional or frequent pressure fluctuations occur:if it is an occasional pulsation,it is mostly caused by oil and dirt stuck in the piston.The dirt can be washed away and normal ,You can clean and change the oil at this time.If it is frequent pulsation,it may be due to strain or awkwardness of the mating parts.At this time,the parts should be removed for research and distribution or replaced.
4.For the variable plunger pump,it may be that the deflection angle of the variable swash plate is too small,so that the flow is too small,and the internal leakage is relatively increased.Therefore,the mechanical prompt cannot continue to supply oil to the outside,and the flow pulsation causes pressure pulsation.The mechanism suggests that in this case,the deflection angle of the swash plate can be appropriately increased to eliminate internal leakage.
5.The loosening of the plunger ball head and the sliding shoe produces noise,vibration and pressure fluctuations,which can be properly riveted.
6.Replace the hemispherical sleeve when it is worn or damaged.
7.The triangular eyebrow grooves of the oil distribution pan after flat grinding are shortened,which will cause relatively large noise and pressure fluctuations due to trapped oil.Assorted triangular files can be used to appropriately lengthen the triangular grooves.
The plunger pump of the metal baler can work normally,and the metal baler can work normally.Therefore, pay attention to the maintenance of the plunger pump in daily maintenance.
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