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Straw baler changes the status quo of forage baling industry
Author : admin Time : 2020-08-24 AllPageView : 416
In the 18th century,transportation and agricultural production in many regions were powered by horses.In this way, large amounts of hay were needed to raise horses in vast cities and rural areas.The hay had to be compacted and bundled when transporting the hay.In 1853, Emery invented the straw baler to make the bale strong and easy to transport.Its drawback is that when the machine is running,it still requires workers to do auxiliary work.
With the development of agricultural machinery in China,the straw baler has undergone continuous improvement and continuous trials in the actual use of the market, and has developed into a straw with simple mechanism,reliable performance, easy operation, maintenance, and good usability. Bundling machine.The adjustment of the agricultural industry structure,the increase in the area of ??pasture planted in recent years,and the comprehensive utilization of crop straw have put forward an urgent need for pasture and straw collection and storage equipment.

The straw baler is a fixed straw bale wrapper. After long-term use,this model has proved that its performance has reached a good level of similar products at home and abroad.The coated straw crops are suitable for long-term storage,and the pasture is not easy to deteriorate and is easy to transport.It is the choice of cattle, sheep,and livestock silage preparations,and is one of the required mechanical equipment for animal husbandry.

Nick brand straw baler has simple structure,small volume,simple daily operation and maintenance,convenient transportation and storage, continuous operation and high efficiency.

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