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Specific operation method of vertical waste paper baler
Author : admin Time : 2020-10-30 AllPageView : 344

When using a vertical waste paper baler,everyone should know the specific operation method of the waste paper baler so that the best performance of the waste paper baler can be exerted.So,how to operate the waste paper baler to give full play to its performance?Before operation,everyone must ensure that the installation of the waste paper baler is normal,and it is best to check in advance.After checking,place a piece of cardboard at the bottom of the baling room for easy threading after baling.After that,put the waste into the baler room,paying attention to the best to put it evenly.In addition,the waste paper cannot extend beyond the surroundings of the baling room.After joining for more than four weeks,it is easy to bend the door.

After discharging,the operator should buckle the motor oil pump and adjust the manual valve to the down position.If you need to pause the baler during the baling process,press the emergency stop button,so that the pressure plate will automatically stop running.
Nick Machinery recommends that before using the waste paper baler,it is best to look at the specific operation method of the waste paper baler,so as not to affect the future use of the waste paper baler.
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