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Shortcomings in the current work of tobacco balers
Author : admin Time : 2021-08-31 AllPageView : 313

At present, the baler used in the domestic tobacco industry is not very mechanized. It is only a motor-driven, up-and-down hydraulic baler. In the process of work, manual operation is required to turn on the hydraulic lifting control switch, manually open the package box, and squeeze. Later, sometimes the package box was difficult to open due to the expansion of the tobacco leaf, and it needed to be beaten with a hammer to open it. There are unsafe factors in the manual opening of the packaging process, which requires workers in the tobacco industry to continuously innovate and propose more technical transformation measures to improve work efficiency and improve safety. At present, in the Zhucheng tobacco area of ??Huaifang, Shandong, the tobacco leaf baler used in the tobacco leaf purchase process has a relatively simple structure. Only one baler is required to control the lifting of the hydraulic cylinder and is responsible for the opening of the packaging box and the launching of the packaging box. Due to the long-term use of the baler, the hydraulic oil in the cylinder is overheated, which affects the working efficiency of the baler. In view of the above shortcomings, it is necessary to develop an automatic squeezing and Baling Press tobacco baler to realize the automatic lifting of the hydraulic cylinder and the Baling Press box. The packaged individual is responsible for launching the opened package box. It can improve the automation level and safety performance of the equipment, save labor costs, reduce labor intensity, and improve work efficiency. It is suitable for large-scale promotion and application to adapt to modern tobacco agriculture. The need for development.

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