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Current status and development trend of tobacco balers
Author : admin Time : 2021-08-31 AllPageView : 365
At present, when China’s packaging machinery industry introduces international high-end equipment, it has not been able to digest, absorb, and innovate well, and it has also failed to strengthen its independent innovation capabilities in market tracking analysis and seize market opportunities. Relevant data shows that China’s packaging On the whole, the level of machine technology is about 20 years behind that of advanced countries. It is at a disadvantage in terms of product development, technical content, performance, quality, and reliability. Therefore, compared with foreign companies, it has no competitive advantage and lacks market initiative. The equipment technology is still in the technical field of the 1990s. The world's machinery manufacturing powers attach importance to the development of basic products. Due to the wide application of high-tech foreign hydraulic baler technology, basic products have great levels, varieties and expanded application fields. Improvement and development.
The application of automatic baler in the packaging industry has promoted the development of tobacco baler to a certain extent, improved production efficiency, and reduced labor intensity. However, because the development of Chinese baler companies has always been developed by imitating or imitating foreign balers, this form has great drawbacks, which largely restricts the development of this industry in my country and makes the overall development of the industry The stagnation is actually due to the lack of innovation in my country's baler industry.

With the rapid economic development, the development of my country's baler industry has been promoted. In the face of global development trends, my country's packaging machinery also needs continuous improvement. Through imitation, technology introduction and global procurement, the manufacturing level and industrial design level of China's packaging machinery can develop rapidly. At present, my country's fully automatic balers are rarely used in tobacco, which requires industry personnel to continuously transform the original process level and technical performance through technological innovation, and quickly improve the degree of automation technology of the equipment to reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

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