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The straw baler needs to be kept dry
Author : admin Time : 2021-08-31 AllPageView : 308

The straw hydraulic baler needs to be kept as dry as possible. In the autumn harvest season, crops have a bumper harvest. At the same time, straw crop residues occupy a large amount of arable land. How to solve the difficulty of large-scale storage of straw is the most urgent thing facing farmers. We have used incineration to solve this problem before, but this method is not only easy to cause air pollution, but also easy to cause fires. The emergence of straw hydraulic baler equipment has completely solved the difficulty of transportation and storage of straw residues. We use the straw hydraulic baler to first classify and pack the straw residue, and then transport it to the warehouse for storage. This not only greatly reduces the burden of straw storage, but also greatly reduces the workload of farmers. The straw baler is designed for the characteristics of loose and difficult storage of straw residues. Before baling, the straws are dried and screened to create a dry environment for the straws. Then use a straw baler for baling. The straw bales produced in this way will not cause the straws to become moldy and deteriorate even if they are not placed for a long time.

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