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Requirements of Vietnam Green Storage Baler
Author : admin Time : 2020-11-20 AllPageView : 357
Vietnam is a traditional agricultural country,with an agricultural population accounting for approximately 75% of the total population.Cultivated land and forest land account for 60% of the total area.Food crops include rice,corn,potatoes,sweet potatoes and cassava,etc.The main cash crops are coffee,rubber,cashew nuts,tea,peanuts,silk and so on.

In the agricultural structure,planting accounts for 70%,aquaculture accounts for 24%,and others account for 6%.Therefore,the breeding industry plays an important role in Vietnam's national economy,is the main driving force for the development of Vietnam's agricultural economy,and an important source of farmers' income.

In recent years,the Vietnamese green storage baler has developed rapidly,with various processing forms and different working performances.However,for the work of the Vietnamese green storage baler,more application functions need to be developed to improve more technologies.Claim.
1.The density of the green storage baler is suitable,the omission rate is low,and it is suitable for forage baling work;
2.The density of the bale is suitable and will not rot;

3.The work of the green storage baler compresses the bales in layers,and it is easier to fall apart after opening the bales;

4.The green storage baler is reliable in binding to ensure that the bales are not scattered during loading,unloading and transportation;
5.The economic indicators of green storage baler operation are good.
The different baling principles,structures and processing dimensions of the Vietnamese green storage balers cause different bales produced by the green storage balers,and major farmers need to choose their own green storage balers.Here we recommend the Nick Green Storage Baler,which is simple to operate,automated,saves labor,and is more efficient.
If you are interested in the Vietnamese green storage balers or have any questions,please log on to our company's website:www.nkbaler.net,or call:86-29-86031588
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