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Quality of the straw briquetting machine
Author : admin Time : 2020-11-27 AllPageView : 356
In the previous article,we talked about the quality requirements of the straw briquetting machine mold.This time we talk about how to judge the straw briquetting machine mold.
1.Look at whether the mold surface is processed fine:high-quality straw briquetting machine molds are processed by CNC machining centers,so the surface finish is very high,the tool texture is uniform,and the surface is smooth and smooth.
2.Check whether the shape of the mold is completely consistent:high-quality straw briquetting machine molds are processed by CNC machining centers.All mold sizes are clamped at one time and processed by a unified program.The precision is high and the processed products are consistent.The performance is unmatched by ordinary machine tools.

The consistency of the mold ensures the same molding pressure,uniform force on the machine,and the interchangeability of each mold,making it easier for users to repair and replace the mold.

3.See if the hardness of the mold is reached:high-quality straw briquetting machine molds are made of special alloy steel through complex multiple heat treatment processes,and the hardness can reach 60 degrees Rockwell hardness,including drills,Various machining tools,including taps,cannot cause any damage to it,so it is very difficult for biomass materials such as straw to cause wear to the mold.

4.Look at the strength and toughness of the mold:the high-quality straw briquetting machine mold steel is repeatedly forged before processing,its molecular arrangement is more compact,the structure density is greatly improved,and the strength and toughness are 2 to 3 of ordinary carbon steel plates.Times,Ensure that the straw briquetting machine mold will never deform under long-term high-strength stress.

I have written so much,I hope to provide some instructive help for the friends who buy the straw briquetting machine to avoid being deceived.At the same time,I sincerely invite all friends to visit Nick Machinery for inspection and purchase.Our company wholeheartedly welcomes friends from all directions!
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