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Nick Machinery Horizontal Briquetting Machine
Author : admin Time : 2020-12-24 AllPageView : 377
The Nick Machinery horizontal briquetting machine is a new type of compressed block baler, which is an ideal choice for processing some special materials such as wood chips, shredded manuscript stalks, rice husks, and peanut shells.

These materials are very small and loose. There is no way to pack them, and it is difficult to compress and transport. So one way is to compress and bag with our bagging machine, and the other way is to use a briquetting machine to compress these materials into a hard block, which is convenient transport.

The hard blocks produced by this horizontal briquetting machine are square, very easy to collect and stack, saving time, space and cost to a large extent (no need for bagging or further packaging). Such lumps can also be used as fuel-especially wood chips lumps. The Nick Machinery horizontal briquetting machine is controlled by PLC, and the door of the bag outlet is hydraulically automatically lifted, which means that the entire Baler and pushing process is fully automatic. If the feeding is also automatic feeding by the briquetting machine, then the whole process does not require any labor.

The Nick horizontal briquetting machine is relatively small and can be installed almost anywhere, so it is widely used by many animal sleeping pad manufacturers, plant fertilizer manufacturers, farms, etc. If you are interested in understanding, you can go to our company website to consult more detailed technical parameters .www.nkbaler.com.
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