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Long-term supply of can Baling Press Nick Machinery
Author : admin Time : 2021-05-12 AllPageView : 260
The can Baling Press is a long-term supply from Nick Machinery, various types of Baling Presss, large bins, convenient filling, the whole machine is lifted up and down or adopts conveyor belt filling. higher efficiency. The pressure of the double cylinders ranges from 80 tons to 200 tons, and the size of the material tank is 1*1.2 m, 1.1*1.5 m, 1.1*1.6 m. The customer can customize different specifications of the material tank and pressure according to user requirements, and the filling method is more Unique, if the customer specializes in packaging small materials such as aluminum cans or PET bottles, the whole machine can be used up and down, the filling port is level with the ground, and the forklift or forklift can be used for filling, or a hopper can be added to the back of the packaging machine, and the Coke bottle can be transported by the conveyor belt. Or the cans are transported to the hopper of the baler, which saves labor costs. The packing capacity is strong, the efficiency is high, and it can pack 3-6 packs per hour. The weight of each pack depends on the size of the machine. The high-load structure ranges from 150kg to 450kg. The automatic bag turning device is safe and reliable.

The aluminum can balers produced by Nick Machinery can pack aluminum cans into small metal blocks, reduce storage space, reduce transportation costs, and reduce costs for the recycling of cans. If you are interested in can balers, welcome to Nick Machinery Learn more at www.nkbaler.net

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