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Specifications and advantages and disadvantages of metal baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-05-12 AllPageView : 238
Metal balers are mainly divided into two types: one is horizontal metal balers, and the other is vertical metal balers.
The horizontal metal baler mainly bales materials such as scrap steel, and has the characteristics of high baling pressure and high density of bales. It is suitable for packing light and thin materials, car racks, waste steel bars, etc. The disadvantage is that the packed bales have high impurity content, a lot of pollutants are generated during the smelting process, and the rate of molten steel is low. Since 2016, the environmental protection requirements have been relatively high. The factory no longer buys iron bales, and now it is more popular to use small or medium metal balers to pack bales with a size of about 300*300 mm, which is more used for crushing or shearing.
Vertical metal baler is mainly suitable for packaging waste aluminum, stainless steel, aluminum, cans and other materials. The materials are compressed by vertical downward pressing and tied with iron or aluminum wire. The advantage is that it is convenient to load and unpack. It is faster, no other impurities can be added in the bale, and the purity of the smelting is relatively high. The disadvantage is that the filling needs to be repeated 3-5 times. Artificial filling or conveyor belt filling. The vertical metal balers have large bins, and the bins for packaging waste aluminum mainly have the following specifications: 1.1*2 meters, 1.1*2.2 meters, 1.1*2.3 meters, 1.1*2.4 meters, 1.1*2.6 meters, etc., according to The user requires the production of different specifications of the material box. The pressure of the downward pressure cylinder ranges from 200 tons to 350 tons.

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